Arabic Translation Services

Although Arabic is one of the world's oldest languages, it is still one of the most powerful, serving as the official language in more than 22 countries and rising to become the world's fifth most spoken language, as well as one of the United Nations' six official languages.

The MENA area (the Middle East and North Africa) is a vibrant hub for global industries, highlighting the potential of the Arabic language. Whatever your company field, Arabic translation services will give you a leg up in order to operate and break into this thriving and ever-expanding MENA market.

Arabic Translation Services

Columbus Lang, with long years of expertise, provides verified and accurate Arabic translation services with the language flexibility of translation services Arabic to English, English to Arabic translation services, or more. Over the years, we have built one of the industry’s largest Arabic translation teams. They are all professional Arabic linguists and translators with considerable subject-matter experience who are situated locally to guarantee you and your business the highest quality possible.

Further, to provide the best quality within the time and budget constraints, our Arabic translation services leverage the power of cutting-edge technology, CAT tools, and specialized translation memory (TM) tools, as well as industry standards. Columbus Lang’s Arabic translation services assist you in overcoming all linguistic and cultural hurdles, as well as providing unrivalled and personalized assistance for your objectives of growth and expansion in the Arab market, allowing you to create a strong market position and increase your profits in the thriving Arab market.

The Importance of Arabic Language in MENA

With almost 300 million Arabic speakers worldwide, it's no wonder that the Arabic language has expanded to virtually every corner of the planet. It's a language that expresses a profound understanding of a rich past and a magnificent culture. It is the language of Islam and the Qur'an, Muslims' holy scripture. And that is the reason behind glorifying the language in the Middle East where the Muslim majority live. Arabic is a lyrical and rich language with distinguishing traits that make it both beautiful and challenging. To mention a few:

Arabic is written from right to left, but on the other hand, numbers are written from left to right in Indian numbers. And this should be considered while providing Arabic document translation services. Moreover, Arabic belongs to the Semitic language group, which also includes Aramaic and Hebrew. Further, there are sounds in Arabic that don’t exist in other languages. And that’s the reason why it’s called the language of “D’ad”. Also, Arabic has many forms; Classical Arabic (Fusha), Modern Standard Arabic (Formal), and Slang Arabic (A’ameya) in addition to a variety of dialects for almost every country in the region. For that, English to Arabic translation services, for instance, needs to be provided by native linguists. On the other side, Arabic is believed to have the richest vocabulary. For example, there are more than 20 synonyms for “friend” and 11 for “love”. And finally, Arabic is a cursive language as the letters connect to one another.


Dialect-Tailored Arabic Translation Services

The Arabic language serves as a bridge that connects the MENA region’s diversity. As a result, a high-quality Arabic translation services should not only provide linguistic fluency while adhering to the Arabic rhythm, but should also embrace the region’s diverse cultural norms and moral values.

While roughly four primary regional dialects of Arabic have been established in the Arab world today, a plethora of dialectic variants may be noticed, some of which differ so much from one another that they are mutually incomprehensible. To varied degrees, Arabic speakers utilize a blend of standard Arabic and the regional dialect, which might be a stumbling block on the way to the Arab market. Although practically all Arabic speakers understand Modern Standard Arabic (MSA), picking the proper dialect is critical, especially for marketing and gaming translations, which typically incorporate slang language and must be locale-specific to appeal to the target audience.

At Columbus Lang, we handpick every Arabic translation services provider or linguist from a native background to the target locale resulting in the best translation services Arabic to English, English to Arabic translation services, or more languages that fits the tone and dialect of the target dialect.


Arabic Translation Services

DTP and QA are a Must

Written from right to left (RTL), Arabic language creates technological challenges since the layout must be reversed after translation and localization. Our Arabic translation services are complemented by Columbus Lang’s Arabic desktop publishing services. We incorporate desktop publishing to ensure that the services provided for your business is free of technical or format issues. We also have extensive experience translating RTL and LTR languages so we can support all file types and expertly manage the technical problems of RTL and bi-directional texts by employing the appropriate tools. Our expert DTP specialists and designers ensure that your precise and effective Arabic material flows well, that the language reads correctly, and that there are no linguistic errors while providing Arabic document translation services for example. 

Arabic Translation Services

Types of Arabic Translation Services

Columbus Lang is here to provide businesses and individuals a wide range of solutions and types of Arabic translation services including but not limited to:

Arabic document translation services
Arabic Document Management
Arabic Virtual Data Room Services
Arabic Consecutive Interpretation
Arabic Simultaneous Interpretation
Arabic Linguistic Validation
Arabic E-Learning Support
Arabic Transcription
Arabic Typesetting and Graphics
Arabic Voiceovers and Subtitling
Arabic Staffing Solutions
Arabic Multicultural Marketing
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