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Columbus Lang provides professional legal translation services to the world's leading law companies and corporate legal departments for international M&A, global regulatory compliance, data, and cyber security, PCT patent filing, legal service automation, and multilingual litigation support. We assist our individuals and businesses by providing legal document translation services swiftly and accurately staying ahead of the competition in the worldwide legal services industry by correctly providing certified legal translation services for legal documents of all kinds.

Certified Legal Translation Services

Are you a law company or in-house legal team seeking accurate and swift legal translation services for your legal papers, websites, or litigation support materials? Columbus Lang should be the only name that comes to your mind. We offer certified legal translation services in more than a hundred languages. Furthermore, the legal services industry is undergoing significant shifts toward interdisciplinary, cross-border, and technologically enabled solutions. That’s why we employ a large team of professional certified legal translation services linguists with long years of expertise and subject matter experts who have extensive experience in providing business translation services, as well as legal document translation, regulatory compliance, cyber security, and technology content, with the highest level of linguistic quality and technical precision.

Consistent, high-quality legal translation services are increasingly dependent on the use of current digital technology in the translation process. Columbus Lang is a pioneer in next-generation language innovation, enabling our clients to use translation memory (already translated material) in the cloud to improve linguistic consistency and turnaround time while lowering localization costs. Our AI-powered translation management solution eliminates numerous unnecessary manual touch points, allowing the whole legal document translation process to be streamlined for the best localization results. Columbus Lang’s patented in-context translation system significantly alters language translation dynamics for unparalleled certified legal translation services.


Legal Translation Services Meets Automation

The language sector is undergoing a paradigm transition, moving away from offline, manual workflows and toward online, technology-driven translation processes that provide leaner, quicker, and better translation solutions. Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, translation automation, document OCR, translation memory, dynamic terminology, and real-time in-context linguistic review technologies are fundamentally changing the way legal translation services are performed in order to achieve unparalleled efficiency and scalability. This is why you should consider making use of our certified legal translation services as we are the industry leader in next-generation, agile, and on-demand legal translation services, enabling our legal customers to remain ahead of the competition and expand their work to perform worldwide business operations with confidence and trust in our certified legal translation services.

Columbus Lang has created the industry’s top legal translation automation systems, which fundamentally rethink language translation to make it easier, faster, and more cost-effective. Our intelligent document processing algorithms employ OCR and artificial intelligence to automatically extract text from your files, use translation memory in the cloud, and offer you accurate translation quotations in real-time. Our AI-powered translation management system allocates the finest legal translation services linguists with the appropriate legal subject matter knowledge to translate your legal content 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Such multi processes guarantee you and your business the best certified legal translation services in no time and with the highest quality.

Legal Translation

All Sectors of Legal Translation Services

Columbus Lang, as a certified legal translation services provider, offers one of the largest teams of experienced legal translators and multilingual law subject matter specialists in the legal sector. They specialize in translating all main legal documents. We have the linguistic resources, best-in-class legal document translation solutions, and language technology tools to get the job done right the first time and in no time. Whether you need legal document translation for corporate law, civil litigation, criminal defense, estate planning, family law, personal injury law, real estate law, or international patent infringement lawsuits, Columbus Lang assigns a specialized team of legal document translation linguists with matched subject matter experience to each of our legal customers to translate all of their projects for the most consistent, quality localization execution.

Corporate Law Translation
Civil Litigation Translation
Criminal Defense Interpretation
Estate Planning Translation
Family Law Translation
Personal Injury Translation
Real Estate Law Localization
Patent Translation

Corporate, Property, and Healthcare Laws All Covered

Legal translation services for corporates

Columbus Lang offers precise business translation services between English and many more language pairings. We have the right localization solutions and professional legal document translation linguists to get the job done quickly, whether you need quality translations for articles of associations, business contracts, tax documents, securities and antitrust materials, product licenses, intellectual property patents, or labor, employment, and immigration documents. We assist corporate attorneys and legal counsels in ensuring the best business translation services with the highest quality.

Legal translation services for properties

In today's global economy, it is critical to safeguard your intellectual property rights for intangible company assets such as technological discoveries, inventions, words, names, phrases, symbols, and designs, as well as musical and creative works, in multiple nations. We collaborate with intellectual property businesses to provide certified legal translation services for patents, trademarks, and copyrights into a wide range of languages. To offer the highest worldwide legal safeguards, we engage experienced native linguists with both technical (engineering and scientific) and legal skills to play the role of legal translation services linguists. 

Legal translation services for healthcare

Columbus Lang, as a prominent provider of health and medical translation services, offers competent legal translation services for health care law-related information in over 100 languages. We have extensive expertise in providing legal document translation for medical malpractice and patient rights lawsuits with accuracy and speed. Accurate health care law translations require more than just linguistic experience and technical expertise; they also necessitate the use of cutting-edge translation technologies that automatically ensure linguistic consistency and terminology precision while our professional legal linguists translate. 

Columbus Lang has been the expert and pioneer legal translation services provider in the region for many years all with offering unrivaled customer experience for individuals and businesses. We have assisted our partners in destroying the language barriers in the legal field by providing certified legal translation services. So, if you're looking for a trusted business translation services company for your legal documents, do not hesitate to get in touch with us right now.

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