Games Translation Services

Columbus Lang, as a game translation agency, delivers linguistically correct and gamer-centric language translation services that assist gaming companies in engaging worldwide gamers by providing the greatest video game localization services, one game at a time.

Accurate Games Translation Services

We're all connected, yet we can't communicate between languages. This is most evident while playing English video games with an international audience speaking a foreign language. It is quite simple to distribute your video games in foreign regions, the issue is to engage international gamers across several languages. This is why our game translation agency is required. We have the language resources and game localization tools to provide the best video game translation services. Our video game language translator fleet are not only experienced linguists, but many of them are themselves gamer language translators, assuring the most fluent and accurate translation services that resonate with your global audience and achieve the needed expansion.

Modern video game localization needs far more than the greatest linguistic resources; it is largely reliant on next-generation translation technology that enable translators to readily evaluate text strings in context in real time. This is what we do best in Columbus Lang! Our cutting-edge game translation tool and translation systems instantly map text strings to each video game screen, allowing our gamer language translator teams to reliably translate on both desktop computers and mobile devices.

Furthermore, Columbus Lang enables dynamic gaming terminology management, allowing our game language translator to deliver the most accurate and precise translation services in the shortest amount of time. To guarantee the most genuine experience, video games contain gamer-centric lingo and terminology that must all be appropriately translated. We are able to engage the gaming community to offer linguistic input more effectively than any other game translation agency since our game translation agency assists the world's greatest game creators achieve their worldwide success.


Perfect Mobile Games Translation

The modern smartphone platform has radically altered the worldwide gaming demography. While specialized game consoles such as PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo are immensely popular for the finest gameplay experience, an increasing number of everyday video games are downloaded as mobile applications from the Apple App Store or Google Play. This is why, since the introduction of the iPhone, the demand for mobile game translation has risen. Our game translation agency delivers expert mobile game translation services for both iOS and Android devices in a timely and high-quality manner. All because of our expertise building our own human-powered game translation tool. Our ground-breaking in-context video game translation technologies significantly increase the accuracy and speed of professional game localization taking your game with a huge leap over success.

Language translation can be the difference between a mobile game’s success and failure among foreign players. Poorly translated mobile games provide a less-than-ideal user experience for foreign smartphone users, resulting in fewer downloads and lower international income. The good news is that our game translation agency makes professional translation of mobile games an easy job to handle. Columbus Lang, has a smartphone gamer language translator team that is dedicated to take care of every tiny bit in the translated game to satisfy them and , by nature, satisfy your needs.

Games Translation

All Genres of Video Games

At Columbus Lang, we have a wide range of gamer language translator that hold the passion for Video games in their DNA. Their long experience and gamer point of view provides our game translation agency with the benefit to translate almost every video game genre out there including:

Action games
Adventure games
Escape games
First person shooter games
Third person shooter games
Massively multiplayer online games
Platformer games
Real-time strategy games
Role-playing video games
Simulation games
Solitaire games
Sports games
Virtual reality games
Flash games
Alternate reality games
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Games Translation

Not Only Translation, But Also Voiceover

To offer the most genuine multilingual gaming experience, game design companies frequently combine foreign language voice-over recordings with properly translated video games to produce the most engaging experience for non-English speakers. Columbus Lang, as a game translation agency, offers a huge staff of experienced voice-over artists that specialize in creating high-quality voice-over recordings for a wide range of video game genres. To provide the highest audio quality, our voice-over artists work in professional recording studios and fully-equipped facilities. Further, the voice production crew in our game translation agency is thoroughly educated to synchronize localized voice-over with on-screen actors in order to produce the most accurate playback experience possible. 


In-Context Game Translation

Video game companies have always been struggling to generate consistent, high-quality language translations utilizing old translation techniques that only supply limited context information to game translators. Typically, the text strings are sent to the game translation agency in the form of a Word document or an Excel table that lacks context or reference information, resulting in mistranslations and erroneous linguistic results that are time consuming to correct. And naturally, video games that are poorly translated have a direct influence on the worldwide client experience. This is why our game language translator team is your hero in a cape. Our ground-breaking in-context video game translation solutions tackle the age-old problem by enabling our experienced gamer language translator to observe the actual game screen in real time, assuring the best linguistic output the first time.

For many years, Columbus Lang has been a prominent and experienced game translation agency in numerous countries, with excellent customer satisfaction. By offering games translation services, games voiceover services, and localization support, we have helped our partners in globalizing their games to reach further and beyond. So, if you’re searching for a game translation agency that can do it all, Please contact us right away.

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