Interpretation Services

Translation is an umbrella term that encompasses multiple variations, some harder, some easier and interpretation falls on the “harder” spectrum. Depending the most on quick wit and a certain level of tact, interpretation services require some of the highest skilled staff when it comes to language translation services. Columbus Lang has that and more, offering you the best interpretation services money can buy through a team of expert interpreters.

Voice Your Ideas Through Our Interpretation Services

Interpretation services are a fancy variation of regular translation services because not only do they need the interpreter to be aware of every meaning in a language pair, but they also need to be quick about it. To meet the worldwide demands for competent interpreter services, Columbus Lang regularly trains interpreters for all kinds of interpretations for all occasions. And because interpretation services require a certain level of understanding of unsaid meanings as well as what is expressed verbally, our interpreters have the perfect cultural and interpersonal awareness to catch whatever meaning is left unsaid and translate and verbalize it accordingly. Our special attention to these small details is what makes Columbus Lang’s global interpreting services the perfect choice for you regardless of the occasion that requires you to hire interpretation services.


Tailored Interpretation Services

Consecutive Interpretation Services

Consecutive interpretation services are almost always present in international business conferences, business negotiations, press conferences, academic seminars, and court trials because of the global nature of these events. And of course, the more global something is, the bigger the number of languages present, which calls for qualified global interpreting services. With the need rising for consecutive interpreter services, Columbus Lang answers the call and provides your business with the perfect opportunity to step up your game and expand on a global scale. As global interpreting services providers, our staff takes their job very seriously, helping you communicate with potential business partners clearly and engage with their interests without having to go through the mental process of translating your thoughts.

Simultaneous Interpretation Services

Simultaneous interpretation services are a little more formal than consecutive interpretation services in the way that they require even more attention and a diligent mind at all times. This type of interpretation is present more in larger settings like international conferences, business summits, and board meetings because in these events, the information needs to be relayed faster. When it comes to simultaneous interpreter services, Columbus Lang trains interpreters to listen and speak at the same time because in this specific type of interpretation, time is of the essence. Moreover, a simultaneous interpreter may be tasked to translate between two or more languages and therefore has to be equipped with extensive linguistic knowledge which is something you can find within our interpreting staff. Otherwise, Columbus Lang would not have been a trusted provider of global interpreting services.

Video Remote Interpretation Services

Think of video remote interpretation services as a more personalized variation of global interpreter services. This means that you can get our expert interpreters on the line to interpret for you on any occasion you need without the formality of a special event. Video interpretation services depend on direct communication between you and our interpreters, contacting them face-to-face through video to employ their linguistic expertise. Having an understanding of the vital role played in daily life by video interpreter services, Columbus Lang sets a team of professional interpreters to meet your demands day and night.

Interpretation Services

Interpretation Services

A Glimpse Of the Languages Our Interpretation Services Cover

Columbus Lang’s confidence in being the best is not unwarranted. What puts us ahead of the race when it comes to interpretation services is our policy of inclusivity. We take on your request for global interpreting services no matter the language because we cover over 1500 language combinations so whatever you have for us, we can brave it. Here are some of the languages we cover:

  • 1-Albanian
  • 2-Arabic
  • 3-Armenian
  • 4-Azerbaijani
  • 5-Belarussian
  • 6-Bosnian
  • 7-Bulgarian
  • 8-Croatian
  • 9-Czech
  • 10-Danish
  • 11-Dutch
  • 12-English (US/UK/CA)
  • 13-Estonian
  • 14-Farsi
  • 15-Finnish
  • 16-French
  • 17-German
  • 18-Greek
  • 19-Hebrew
  • 20-Hungarian
  • 21-Icelandic
  • 22-Italian
  • 23-Kurdish
  • 24-Lithuanian
  • 25-Luxembourgish
  • 26-Macedonian
  • 27-Maltese
  • 28-Mandingo
  • 29-Mandinka
  • 30-Moldovan
  • 31-Norwegian
  • 32-Nuer
  • 33-Oromo
  • 34-Pashto
  • 35-Polish
  • 36-Portuguese
  • 37-Romanian
  • 38-Russian
  • 39-Serbian
  • 40-Sesotho
  • 41-Shona
  • 42-Slovak
  • 43-Slovene
  • 44-Somali
  • 45-Spanish
  • 46-Swahili
  • 47-Swedish
  • 48-Turkish
  • 49-Ukrainian
  • And More

Fields Served By Our Interpretation Services

Business benefits from our interpretation services in spades but it’s not the only field through which we prevail. The merit of our global interpreting services is that we cover all the different fields in which the demand for interpretation services is high like the medical, travel, and legal fields for instance. Allow us to show you a closer look:

  • Medical Interpretation Services

Medicine knows no language, it is the journey separating discomfort and the salve that soothes it and when it comes to interpreter services, Columbus Lang is the salve you need. Medical interpretation services require not only perfect language skills but also a comprehensive knowledge of the medical field and all the related terminology that goes with it. One word mistranslated could lead to a disaster but you have nothing to fear because Columbus Lang has zero tolerance for mistakes. Our medical interpreters are trained to impeccable standards to provide the perfect global interpreting services.

  • Travel Interpretation Services

Interpretation services are a pillar that tourism can’t possibly do without. No matter the place you wish to travel to, you’ll need skilled global interpreting services to be your ears during your visit, be it for recreation or work that you are traveling for. Aware of the importance of interpreter services, Columbus Lang offers you the chance to explore the world without having to learn a new language or tripping over yourself trying to communicate efficiently. We’ll do that for you so you can focus the most on enjoying your trips!

  • Legal Interpretation Services

The legal field requires the intervention of interpretation services from time to time, be it simultaneous or consecutive, or over the phone or on-site. For instance, an international lawsuit needs global interpreting services to ensure successful communication between all parties involved. Our legal interpretation services also encompass courtroom interpretation, and interpretation for police-related dealings like traffic violations, crimes, and arrests.

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