Life Science Translation Services

Now you can conduct medical research and connect with scientists and manufacturers in the life sciences fields without trouble with Columbus Lang’s life science translation services provided by experienced translators and subject matter experts.

Life Science Translation, The Stepping Stone For Life Improvement

The field of life sciences is an ever-evolving one that needs constantly updated communications between scientists and professionals around the world. The main objective of the study of life sciences is to improve human health and find out more about the fascinating nature of all living organisms. Since the expertise of scientists varies from one region to the other, each specializing in their own field inside the vast life sciences industry, they must stay always stay in touch with each other, providing regular updates of their latest findings. 

This is what makes life science translation services essential, they help everyone in the field work in harmony without worrying about language barriers. Medical professionals, manufacturers and scientists need a reputable life sciences translation company to provide them with accurate life science translations that keeps them up to speed with research and medical translations that help countries’ healthcare systems evolve. 

Columbus Lang aims to be the go-to life sciences translation company for the life sciences field, depending on the scientific and medical knowledge of their professional translators.

Life Science Translation

Life Science Translation To Communicate In Various Languages

The vital role life science fields play in medical breakthroughs and the development of life-saving equipment mandates that every single document is accessible in as many languages as possible.

Columbus Lang’s objective as a life science translation company is to make that endeavor easier to reach by tasking our team of professional translators with the duty of providing the perfect life science translation services, accurate both linguistically and on the terminology front to match the critical nature of the industry. On that note, Columbus Lang provides life science translations for over 160 languages with consistent precision and fast progress, and here’s a look into some but not all of the languages we cover:

English Life Science Translation Services
German Life Science Translation Services
French Life Science Translation Services
Spanish Life Science Translation Services
Portuguese Life Science Translation Services
Italian Life Science Translation Services
Greek Life Science Translation Services
Russian Life ScienceLife Science Translation Services
Polish Life Science Translation Services
Dutch Life Science Translation Services
Danish Life Science Translation Services
Swedish Life Science Translation Services
Serbian Life Science Translation Services
Czech Life Science Translation Services
Hungarian Life Science Translation Services
Croatian Life Science Translation Services
Chinese Life Science Translation Services
Korean Life Science Translation Services
Arabic Life Science Translation Services
Kurdish Life Science Translation Services
Farsi Life Science Translation Services
Turkish Life Science Translation Services
Somali Life Science Translation Services
Swahili Life Science Translation Services
Hebrew Life Science Translation Services
Life Science Translation Services

Life Science Translation

Comprehensive Life Science Translation Services

The field of life sciences is vast. From pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and clinical research to medical device manufacturing and actual healthcare and the documents that surround the medical field, there are many types of documents that need to be translated with care and accuracy. Columbus Lang offers everything from life science translations to medical translations, prioritizing precision of translation in every project to avoid life-threatening mistakes. Our professional translators have experience providing excellent life science translation services depending on their expertise in the medical field and their deep knowledge of science-specific concepts only known by professionals. Here’s a look into the type of documents we’ve covered with quality so far, but fear not because we cover even more!

  • 1-Patient Recruitment Materials
  • 2-Patient Surveys and Diaries
  • 3-Patents and Contracts
  • 4-Case Report Forms (CRFs)
  • 5-Informed Consent Forms (ICFs)
  • 6-Genetic Testing
  • 7-Product Information and Labeling
  • 8-Pharmacological Studies
  • 9-Adverse Event Reports
  • 10-Marketing Materials
  • 11-Clinical Trial Protocols
  • 12-Investigator’s Brochure
  • 13-IRB/IEC Documentation
  • 14-CMC
  • 15-Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
  • 16-IND applications
  • 17-Legal Documents
  • 18-Data Sheets
  • 19-Manufacturing Process Descriptions
  • 20-Packaging Labels and Inserts
  • 21-Patient Handbooks
  • 22-Regulatory Compliance Documents
  • 23-Structured Product Labeling (SPL)
  • 24-Technical Manuals and Software

Life Science Translation

Who Needs Life Science Translation Services?

  • Pharmaceuticals

Pharmaceutical companies depend on clinical research to figure out the scope of patient needs and what drugs they need to provide ad which components work out best. And because this job’s main requirement is successful communication between pharmaceutical companies as the drug providers and patients as those who consume the drugs, a life science translation company of Columbus Lang’s caliber must be given the task of providing the perfect life science translations.

  • Clinical Research

Clinical research organizations (CROs) are responsible for carrying out clinical experiments, something that requires communications with international patients and therefore requires accurate life science translations. As a life science translation company, Columbus Lang hires a team of professional translators who are mindful of medical and cultural concepts.

  • Healthcare

Medical care is a universal service that is the right of every human being, regardless of who they are or where they hail from. There are many cases in which patients and their healthcare providers don’t speak the same language which is why Columbus Lang offers complete life science translation services that cover doctor-to-patient communications skillfully and quickly to support in any emergency situation. Columbus Lang allows patients around the world the chance at safe and trust-filled communications with their doctors to set their minds at ease.

  • Medical Device Manufacturers

Medical devices are products you can always be sure will have use on the global scale. As long as there are people in the world, they will aways need medical devices that facilitate the process of diagnosing and treating them of any ailment. Any medical device manufacturer aims to market their medical devices to healthcare providers all over the globe and to do that successfully, their product instructions and specifications must be translated with the utmost attention into many languages. Columbus Lang provides this kind of support easily through the keen eye of our professional translators and offers you the chance at global success.

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