Translation Services

Columbus Lang is one of the most reliable and creative language translation services providers sporting the pride of long years of expertise. Our language translation services go beyond words to connect your message on a human level with individuals all around the world. We provide business translation services to businesses from all over the world while accomplishing this with unrivaled precision, scalability, and speed.

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In vast range of languages, Columbus Lang provides a comprehensive range of expert translation and localization services targeted to your specific industry, audience, and content type. 

Further, Columbus Lang was formed to meet the ever-increasing needs of the fast-paced global economy and to help businesses and individuals flourish and reach beyond local potential customers. We've been in charge of hundreds of thousands of language translation services for small and large corporate businesses and organizations, both public and private, over the years, working hard to serve as an ally to our clients, assisting them to confidently enter new markets and firmly establish their brands globally. All through our top-of-the-line language translation services.

Our efforts and years in the language translation services sector have allowed us to acquire knowledge and create specialized teams, tools, and processes to continuously deliver quality at the speed of your business. We are prepared to provide business translation services to innovate and develop our assistance, ensuring that our partners receive the finest service possible, with their demands and objectives met appropriately and smoothly through our unique translation process.


Translation Services

Our Translation Process

Columbus Lang, as a renowned language translation services company, adheres to a well-structured and quality-driven translation process. We have the technology to simplify and automate our operations, allowing us to manage your projects in a timely and professional manner, regardless of the size or complexity of your project or your needs.

Project analysis and TM analysis
Resource allocation
Style guide and glossary creation
File preparation for Translation
DTP, formatting, and layout
Final QA
Client feedback
Final Delivery

Translation Services

Language Translation Services from Humans to Humans

Computers can translate languages, but they cannot do so as effectively as people!

The term "translation" literally means "carrying across" or "bringing across," and it entails far more than simply comprehending what each word in a text means.

This is why we regard translation as an art of converting the entire context, intent, subtlety, tone, style, and emotions such that the information feels as if it was originally written in the target language, balancing accuracy and naturalness. Because your translation is created for humans, only humans are capable of mastering the skill. And also, Columbus Lang is here for all humans even if they speak any language, we can provide a sign language translator to build the bridges in a snap.

As a result of this knowledge, Columbus Lang’s language translation services are entirely human-powered. We rely on a vast worldwide network of qualified and experienced native translators and editors with linguistic proficiency, significant cultural understanding, and subject-matter expertise. Even the rare languages are accounted for in Columbus Lang. Whether you need a native American language translator, an Amharic language translator, or even a Latin language translator, we got all that you need. They are all meticulously screened based on tight standards, including rigorous testing and training programs, as well as years of experience and educational qualifications. Our language translation services are committed to the proper talent with the specific industry knowledge for each project, with the support of our project managers and our intelligent allocation system, ensuring the highest levels of quality while keeping the integrity of your material. We draw the balance point between accuracy and speed.

Translation Services

Technology Meets Craft

Columbus Lang deals with several types of CAT tools while providing language translation services. We live in an age where we can make good use of technology besides all-human language translation services. CAT (computer-assisted translation) solutions may greatly aid you in maintaining content translation consistency across many channels. We improve our translation services with previously translated information kept in our translation memory (TM) database, using the power of computer-assisted translation (CAT) techniques to reduce costs and boost translation consistency. CAT tools we use:

  • 1-SDL Trados Studio
  • 2-MemoQ
  • 3-Déjà Vu
  • 4-SDLX
  • 5-Trados Workbench
  • 6-Alchemy Catalyst
  • 7-Translation Workspace
  • 8-Wordfast Pro
  • 9-Across
  • 10-Transit
  • 11-Idiom
Translation Services

Quality and Quantity

We employ our own Translation Management System at Columbus Lang, which assures optimal translation workflow and offers you complete control over the process. We also use cutting-edge translation techniques, such as CAT tools, translation memory, terminology management systems, glossaries, and style guides, to ensure uniformity while reducing translation costs. Indeed, the more you collaborate with us, the more money you save and the faster we deliver our language translation services.


Furthermore, our stringent quality assurance methods are meant to uphold our ISO standards while achieving high levels of quality and accuracy. We adhere to and continually update our quality assurance systems to ensure improved language translation services to the most optimized and regulated workflows, allowing us to better respond to the demands of our customers and their projects. All of these efforts and tactics are organized by our expert project managers, who plan, coordinate, monitor, and provide the quality translation services that our partners require.

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