Ecommerce Translation

For the first time in the region, rapid, scalable, and consistent ecommerce translation services with high quality is a dream came true! Columbus Lang is a pioneer ecommerce translation agency that delivers on-demand ecommerce translation services to assist the spread of global online commerce across languages. Beside website translation, we provided translation and localization services for millions of products online.


Ecommerce Translation Services

If your ecommerce company is succeeding in your native market, now is the time to expand and cross the border towards globality. You should consider having multilingual ecommerce platforms that are accessible and engaging to a large base of foreign potential clients thanks to the results of ecommerce translation services provided by our ecommerce translation agency, Columbus Lang.

We are a well-known ecommerce translation agency with a reputable customer satisfactory rate in the region, with long years of expertise in the language services market. Columbus Lang, armed with specialists and technology, provides high-quality ecommerce translation and localization services in vast range of language pairs for all sorts of online stores and enterprises. We also deliver you, or your business, world-class quality that fits your budget and timeline, but most importantly, that fits your worldwide goals.

Does your Website Needs Ecommerce Translation?

Customers buy items and services that are available in their local language 75 percent of the time, whereas 59 percent rarely or never buy from websites that are only available in English. Although English is the go-to option for the default language, these figures provide a compelling case for going beyond and including ecommerce website translation to speak the many languages of your visitors and turn them into customers.

The influence of ecommerce translation services on business growth is enormous, as many companies can assure. The advantages of having multilingual ecommerce websites and apps include strong and fully localized digital presence, connecting and engaging with a broad range of international customers, enhancing visibility and traffic, bringing exceptional customer experiences, improving brand awareness and boosting brand loyalty, and Increasing conversion rates, and drive sales and revenue exponentially. Our ecommerce translation agency guarantees you the aforementioned in no time and smoothly.

Ecommerce Translation

Technology Meets Ecommerce Translation

Our ecommerce translation agency makes use of the intelligent and agile APIs and cutting-edge technology to automate expert human translations for a continuous translation process. For the most dynamic ecommerce translation projects, our ecommerce translation solutions are powered by the world's greatest translation resources across all devices. We transform the way ecommerce translation is done by combining them with our on-demand, 24/7, cloud-based translation environment, MTPE translation, AI, and more resulting in unprecedented scalability and speed.

The finest ecommerce translation is a hybrid of MTPE translation and human translation. Neural machine translation (NMT) algorithms have progressed to the point that they can provide ecommerce translation services for material into major languages like Spanish, Chinese, French, and German with an accuracy of 80-90 percent. This is why Columbus Lang has created cutting-edge technology that combines MTPE Translation with our human linguists to give flawless linguistic outcomes at the pace and scale of near MT performance.

On the other hand, to ensure the correctness and usefulness of your websites and audiovisual material, our technical experts employ best-in-class multimedia and localization technologies, such as website translation, subtitling and transcription software, DTP tools, and more. And as part of our ecommerce translation services, our ecommerce translation agency thoroughly tests your ecommerce websites and apps. Using cutting-edge testing techniques, and our QA professionals confirm the product's quality, ensuring that it is linguistically and technically competent, user-friendly, and meets your standards.

Ecommerce Translation

Consistent Service

Ecommerce translation have a constant translation requirement. Thus, our ecommerce translation agency is unquestionably the market leader in continuous, high-quality translation solutions for current digital material. No other translation company comes close to Columbus Lang in terms of providing continuous human-machine ecommerce translation services for today's micro-content around the clock, while matching our customers' budget needs in a user-friendly style.

Further, our ecommerce translation agency is the world leader in next-generation, AI-powered translation technology that fully automates the whole language localization workflow process, allowing ecommerce websites to swiftly and consistently deliver multilingual content to global audiences.

Types of Ecommerce Translation Services

Ecommerce Product and Product Description Translation

If your ecommerce product descriptions are just in English, you're losing website traffic as well as prospective international buyers. Users from China, France, and Korea do not buy online from English-only websites. The good news is that there is more than one ecommerce translation agency on the market ready to assist. Not all ecommerce translation services, however, are created equal. Columbus Lang guarantees your ecommerce website the best translation services possible for products and descriptions

User Review Translation

Ecommerce websites on average receive more user generated content than other forms of online business sites. User reviews and customer support questions are a big part of user generated content and all need to be translated for ecommerce companies to create the best international customer experience. Since many of these reviews are short text, the best solution is an agile ecommerce translation solution that also supports mobile devices and many devices. And we are the ones to provide ecommerce translation services that works like a customer magnet.


Columbus Lang is a ecommerce translation agency that goes down as one of the most professional and capable ecommerce translation services providers in the region. We make sure that our solutions and services will shoot you and your company as a star to the wide sky of globalization. With the best specialists, linguists, and expert, your success is undoubted. So, if you need an ecommerce translation agency to help you reach further and beyond, don't hesitate to call us right now!

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