Machine translation is becoming increasingly popular, emerging as a critical tool in the business translation services industry, and for good reason. However, the outcome falls short of expectations. That's because it lacks a professional human touch, necessitating the collaboration of robots and people.


MTPE Translation is the Solution

Columbus Lang brings you the best of both worlds by assisting you in taking advantage of Machine Translation Post-Editing services (MTPE Translation) in which human efficiency maximizes machine power. It’s your best bet for global content that reaches, engages, and converts. We bring real solutions to the table.

MTPE Translation in a Nutshell

Machine Translation Post-Editing is described as the process of editing and refining raw machine-translated output by a human editor or translator in order to match the worldwide and client-expected quality standards. The hybrid technique combines the benefits of machine translation (productivity, speed, and cost-effectiveness) with the advantages of human talent and knowledge.

We understand that many businesses prefer machine translation. However, in the majority of situations, the result sounds robotic and unnatural. Although machine translation can translate words, it cannot comprehend meaning, which jeopardizes your communication and brand voice. Thar’s why we give extra care to an MTPE translation step.

Columbus Lang understands the importance of high-quality translations. That is why we provide machine translation quality evaluation services, particularly for content that is highly complex and sensitive, such as legal and business translation services, or that requires a great deal of creativity and is intended to be adapted for international markets, such as marketing materials. We ensure that your material is factual, reads naturally, and conveys meaning, subtlety, and tone of voice, tailoring your messages to your target audience.


Pros of MTPE Translation

Columbus Lang provides skilled MTPE translation services, adding a much-needed human touch to your material and making critical quality enhancements so that it seems and feels more human, polished, and successful to your global audience. Our MTPE translation services don’t only include accurate and thorough editing and localization procedures, but also offer the best machine translation post editing rates among competitors.

We are proud that Columbus Lang was one of the very first translation agencies to provide quality MTPE translation services to global and regional organizations with challenging and tempting post editing machine translation rates because we have invested in the newest technology available in the industry. We also have the knowledge, tools, and people to modify and personalize our MTPE translation services to your projects' specific needs. For you or your business, it is a win-win situation. You get unrivaled MTPE translation services, incomparable machine translation post-editing rates, and top-line quality. All under one roof, Columbus Lang!

What we can Provide

There are two types of MTPE translation, and they typically correspond to the degree of quality required in every project. Given that the majority of professional translation services providers use advanced neural machine translation engines, the severity of the following post editing process and approach is decided by the translation project needs as follows:

Light Post-Editing

Light post editing solves the very minimum of post editing requirements because machine translation skills are always increasing. Editors fine-tune the machine’s output for semantic or spelling problems, as well as any misunderstanding or erroneous information, in this type of MTPE translation. Light MTPE translation is less expensive since it has the lowest machine translation post editing rates and is better suited to projects with less severe quality issues.

Full Post-Editing

This type of MTPE translation focuses on the application of aesthetic and structural alterations, as well as the production of translations of equivalent quality to human translation. Although comprehensive post editing is more costly and time-demanding as it requires more time and has higher machine translation post editing rates, it includes everything from grammatical and spelling adjustments to writing style and linguistic expressions and allows no opportunity for errors. This sort of MTPE translation is often preferred by quality seekers and perfectionists.


Why Choose Columbus Lang?

Our MTPE translation services abide by a range of quality checks strictly as follows:

Linguistic accuracy
Cultural and Contextual Relevancy
Appropriacy of Style and Tone of Voice


Tools, Technology, Quality, to the Moon!

Columbus Lang has gathered a world-class team of experienced linguists and editors who have received extensive training in the unique abilities necessary to carry out the thorough MTPE translation procedure. They are native-speaking topic specialists with a keen sense of cultural sensitivity. With the necessary tech-savvy translation tools in place, our post-editors can take on difficult MTPE translation projects and accomplish them quickly whether while providing business translation services, legal translation services, or else. To enhance the efficiency and consistency of the material, we combine our translation memory systems, CAT tools, and glossaries. The final product is “Perfecto”! such procedures include:

  • 1-Reading and examining the source content.
  • 2-Comparing the machine translation output to the source text.
  • 3-Verifying the translation, improving the text, or in some cases re-translating.
  • 4-Segments of text especially for contextual and cultural considerations.
  • 5-Conducting strict QA checks.
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