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With much and many years of experience, in-depth industry knowledge, and expertise that spans across a broad range of industries, Columbus Lang offers tailored language solutions that best suit your international expansion plans as well as your industry demands. business translation services, certified translation services, official translation services, or document translation services, we got your back in every industry and in any way you might advice to meet the need of your business.

No matter what your industry is or how complex your project might be, our ISO 9001:2015 and 17100:2015 translation and localization services ensure the highest levels of quality and reliability. Our smart multilingual content and business translation services empowers you to realize your business’ full potential and lead your industry with ease and confidence.



Industries We Cover


Legal-specific offerings for businesses, law firms, and legal departments. Columbus Lang is able to provide official translation services and document translation services for companies from all calibers.


Maximize your presence and connect with your customers in their preferred languages. We have considerable expertise translating and customizing software as well as technical translations that you may want for marketing IT services, such as user manuals and regulations, as a certified translation services provider.


Communicate with your members so they can make better-informed decisions about their health. With our certified translation services for healthcare sector, you can reach a larger audience of industry experts and patients. We provide precise document translation services that meet the industry's regulatory criteria with the assistance of our medical translators who have expert-level understanding of the sector.


Localize all your communications to ensure your business success. To acquire a competitive edge in industrial production, several elements must be considered, including machinery and operations manuals, websites and videos, legislation, marketing, communication, and training programs, to mention a few. We will assist your business in maintaining brand clarity and consistency through terminology management and high-quality translation since they have vast technical knowledge in offering certified translation services.


Translate advertising and digital marketing campaigns, and be successful in every language. We are able to provide business translation services for marketing material and the localization of marketing messages such as advertisements, posters, and social media posts; the localization of marketing materials such as leaflets, presentations, and catalogues; and the localization of graphics are all part of our transcreation services.


Pump up your cross-border sales to reach customers from all corners of the world an acquire a guaranteed success with turning your E-commerce business into global languages. While English may appear to be the business language, this is not always the case, and we guarantee that today's demand for business translation services and document translation services such as business contracts, correspondence, claims, import and export documents, customs declarations, and regulations spans nearly every language on the planet.


Columbus Lang can localize at all stages of the travel experience. Our localization and translation services can help you get your message out and get people in the door if you're giving cultural tours, wonderful food, or fantastic offers. This might be for brochures, flyers, and websites, or it could be for your new film and fantastic artwork highlighting all your company has to offer. Whatever the case may be, get us on the phone and let's get to work!


Our language services combined with the industry’s most advanced AI solutions can help you boost your business’ success. Our Life Sciences Translators offer certified document translation services as well as specialist knowledge in a wide range of pharmaceutical and medical sectors and sciences. Our linguists interpret product registration and regulatory documents, as well as clinical research, utility patents, and other medical writings, on a regular basis. Dentistry, genetics, health care, cosmetics, and dermatology are just a few of the areas in which we excel.


Translate your finance documents with technical accuracy and linguistic fluency. We can also assist you with marketing strategy and the creation of relevant multimedia content by offering financial document translation services, transcreation, and consultancy. We understand the importance of speed in the banking and financial industries, and you can trust that we will help you reach your deadlines. Columbus Lang is here to help with rules, economic circumstances, technology, and customer service.


Get linguistically accurate and gamer-centric language certified translation services that help gaming companies engage international players with the best video game localization services. We understand the challenges of electronic and online game translation. Not only must video games be localized and user manuals and User Interface (UI) translated, but each game must also be tested after translation, and many of them require the participation of voice actors to substitute source dialogues and soundtracks in the target language. Our certified translation services combine all of this in our company.


Get your entertainment and media content translated with Columbus Lang. As one of the biggest media translation businesses, we provide skilled media translators and entertainment certified translation services. They are a great blend of skilled, native, in-country multilingual translators, reviewers, and proofreaders who are committed to your accounts in order to make this information more accessible than ever before and to help your company to expand more quickly. The shortest path to success is to work with a reputable media certified translation services provider.


Get your medical device papers translated now and enter new markets. Dentistry, genetics, health care, cosmetics, and dermatology are just a few of the areas in which we excel as a certified translation services provider for medical devices.


We help governmental agencies to create consistent, effective messaging across all languages. It is critical in this business to supply top-tier linguists and government-certified translation services with security clearance for sensitive government translation assignments.


We will let your pharmacological studies and researches go global. Our chemical sector clients rely on us to deliver chemical translation and intellectual property services. We work with highly competent chemical translators and industry specialists. These translators and specialists are well-versed in international norms and laws. Our objective is to assure product safety and the protection of business operations and personnel all over the world.


Our language professionals will ensure that your cars are ready to go to market anywhere in the world. Our translators have the technical knowledge required to deliver legal document translation services, marketing translation and transcreation, and terminology management to guarantee that your brand is represented simply and successfully. Columbus Lang is ready to provide you with translation and localization services that match all of your deadlines and specifications.


Connect with your users from all around the world in any language. Your digital educational experiences will be accessible to students and staff from all around the world thanks to our eLearning Localization services. With our complete solutions, you may achieve standard training throughout your global organization or expand your customer base.

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