Video Translation Services

Columbus Lang provides skilled video translation services in almost every language out there to the world's biggest companies. We help our clients engage foreign audiences with best-in-class video translation services, audio translation services, and subtitle translation that are easier, quicker, and more cost-effective, thanks to industry-leading video translation services tools and cutting-edge technology.

Video Translation Services in Many Languages

The need for video translation services is growing day by day. Multilingual films are more important than ever for foreign marketing, client acquisition, product training, and technical support. Video has evolved into a potent sales and marketing tool, assisting global clients in making purchasing decisions throughout the sales process, regardless of the languages they speak. Further, videos are also excellent tools for self-learning and client assistance. This is why we provide video translation services and audio translation services to support our customers in their journey to globality. We also provide linguistically and culturally correct video translation services in all Asian, African, and European languages. We can also translate video games to Spanish, for example, to expand its reach into new markets. On the other hand, Columbus Lang can also deliver video translation services to the world's largest corporations, including language translation, multilingual voice-over, video subtitling, transcription, and multimedia development. 

We have reimagined professional video translation services by using our cutting-edge digital media editing tools, which automate audio transcription and subtitling, making the entire translation process more efficient. We had the honor to translate marketing videos, product videos, eLearning videos, TV video advertisements, customer onboarding films, knowledge-based videos, support videos, and customer testimonials for international brands and mega companies. To obtain a quick translation quote, hit the button below and don’t waste any time to provide you video translation services.


Automated Video Translation Services

Are you still relying on antiquated video translation services that are both sluggish and complicated? Then you’re missing out on the efficiency and quality that Columbus Lang’s current video translation services can provide. We’ve streamlined much of the video translation procedure so that you receive your films and videos properly translated with quality and speed, allowing you to launch your foreign language videos more efficiently in international marketplaces. In real-time, our clever voice recognition system turns audio speech into editable text with time codes. Making our audio translation services a breeze. Following that, our pre-approved expert linguists examine and translate the auto-transcribed material with the maximum linguistic correctness into the needed target languages considering cultural sensitivities and tone of voice.

Columbus Lang can further allow our linguists fast access to translated movies by automatically inserting target language subtitles. This enables our linguists to make translation changes in real-time and complete the job quickly. Our completely integrated video localization environment includes a variety of YouTube-like editing tools, making the entire video translation process much more efficient. Don’t just take our word for it; test our automated video translation services today and you’ll be blown away by the results. We guarantee this!

Video Translation

Social Media Video Translation Services

According to studies, an increasing number of businesses are creating marketing videos for distribution through social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn in order to engage customers and promote corporate brands. When it comes to international marketing, these social media videos frequently need video translation services provider to finish the job in a timely and accurate manner. This is why you or your business require the video translation services of Columbus Lang, the world's leading social media video translation services provider. We offer a comprehensive range of technological solutions for translating your social media videos for better-than-ever outcomes.

Further, businesses these days utilize YouTube for a number of commercial purposes, including brand promotion, product presentation, new product introduction, and enticing visitors to their corporate website. Businesses today broadcast a great number of videos on YouTube, all of which must benefit of video translation services in order to provide the best worldwide consumer experience. Columbus Lang has created a completely optimized YouTube video translation services, allowing our customers to have their videos properly translated in no time and with the highest quality.

Columbus Lang is one of the most reputable and experienced video translation services companies in the region. We have assisted our partners in breaking down language barriers in the video translation sector by providing video translation services, audio translation services, and subtitle translation services. So, if you're looking for a translation partner to handle your projects, don't hesitate to get us on the dial screen right away!


Video Translation

Video Voiceover in Various Languages

Translated films with foreign language voiceovers deliver the most engaging user experience to an international audience. And we at Columbus Lang provide excellent voiceover services in all European, African, and Asian languages. We hire top-notch voiceover artists for a number of voice styles, including male, female, corporate, narration, commercial, character animation, and film. Many of Columbus Lang’s voiceover talents are experienced TV broadcasters, and radio and cinema professionals who are native to the target language. In addition to video translation services and voiceover services, we offer video post-production services to our clients in order to synchronize the localized narration with onscreen characters. This might include subtitle translation services or dubbing all kinds and genres of videos and audio.


Subtitle Translation Services

Columbus Lang provides expert video subtitling services, besides video translation services, in over 100 languages to worldwide organizations. Our skilled video production team will provide subtitle translation and add foreign language subtitles to the localized video once the audio translation phase is done into the target languages. All main subtitle file types, including .srt, .sub, .vtt, and .sbv, are supported by our video translation services linguists and technical professionals. Following the placement of the translated subtitles on the video, our trained linguists will examine and QA the localized video to assure the best linguistic quality and double-check that the best video translation services experience was provided.

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