Localization Services

Columbus Lang’s on-demand and real-time localization services enable you to innovate, create, and deploy your business internationally. We assist the world's leading companies in by providing localization services for their software programs in addition to website Localization in vast range of languages with the greatest linguistic quality at the most competitive pricing.

Localization Services Done Right

To earn worldwide client loyalty in today's constantly expanding global economy, businesses must properly make use of the best translation providers to offer them localization services for their goods to appeal to local audiences. Traditional language localization services professionals with unnecessarily intricate language localization procedures and workflows are too sluggish and expensive to suit new digital requirements. Businesses increasingly want rapid localization services that are simple, inexpensive, and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This is why we, Columbus Lang, provide on-demand localization services to assist major worldwide enterprises in localizing their products for the best language translation services at the quickest possible speed.


Localization Services

Explaining the Process

With Columbus Lang, you no longer have to wait days to acquire a pricing estimate to receive localization and translation services. As we are pronounced the best translation providers in the region, we will provide localization services for your software products, user manuals, or website. Our clever project managers and consultants can assess a wide range of resource file formats and offer you quick project quotations. Simply submit your files and follow three easy steps to get your content localized. 


Our linguists analyze the source files quickly and then estimates the amount and nature of work to determine the best approach during the localization services providing phase.

Localization Testing

Our localization and translation services providers test the localized project. Whether it was website localization, app localization, or localization services in general. This is done to ensure quality standards are met and everything works as it should.


At this phase, we are ready to publish the product we provided localization services for.

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Localization Services

Languages we Localize

We, Columbus Lang, as the best translation providers in the region, provide localization and translation services in a variety of languages to meet the needs of businesses from everywhere, from here and there. The languages we provide localization services for may include:

  • 1-Afar
  • 2-Afrikaans
  • 3-Albanian
  • 4-Amharic
  • 5-Arabic (Algeria)
  • 6-Arabic (Egypt)
  • 7-Arabic (Jordan)
  • 8-Arabic (Moroccan)
  • 9-Arabic (Saudi)
  • 10-Arabic (Standard)
  • 11-Arabic (Syrian)
  • 12-Arabic (UAE)
  • 13-Arabic (Yemen)
  • 14-Armenian
  • 15-Azerbaijani
  • 16-Balochi
  • 17-Bambara
  • 18-Belarussian
  • 19-Berber
  • 20-Bosnian
  • 21-Bulgarian
  • 22-Catalan
  • 23-Croatian
  • 24-Czech
  • 25-Danish
  • 26-Dari
  • 27-Dinka
  • 28-Dutch
  • 29-English (US/UK/CA)
  • 30-Estonian
  • 31-Farsi
  • 32-Finnish
  • 33-French
  • 34-French (Algeria)
  • 35-French (Creole)
  • 36-Fulani
  • 37-Galician (Spain)
  • 38-Georgian
  • 39-German
  • 40-Greek
  • 41-Hausa
  • 42-Hebrew
  • 43-Hungarian
  • 44-Icelandic
  • 45-Igbo
  • 46-Irish
  • 47-Italian
  • 48-Kinyarwanda
  • 49-Kirundi
  • 50-Krio
  • 51-Kurdish
  • 52-Latvian
  • 53-Lingala
  • 54-Lithuanian
  • 55-Luganda
  • 56-Luxembourgish
  • 57-Macedonian
  • 58-Maltese
  • 59-Mandingo
  • 60-Mandinka
  • 61-Moldovan
  • 62-Norwegian
  • 63-Nuer
  • 64-Oromo
  • 65-Pashto
  • 66-Polish
  • 67-Portuguese
  • 68-Romanian
  • 69-Russian
  • 70-Serbian
  • 71-Sesotho
  • 72-Shona
  • 73-Slovak
  • 74-Slovene
  • 75-Somali
  • 76-Spanish
  • 77-Swahili
  • 78-Swati
  • 79-Swedish
  • 80-Tamazight
  • 81-Tigrinya
  • 82-Tsonga
  • 83-Tswana
  • 84-Turkish
  • 85-Twi
  • 86-Ukrainian
  • 87-Urdu
  • 88-Venda
  • 89-Wolof
  • 90-Xhosa
  • 91-Yiddish
  • 92-Yoruba
  • 93-ZaZaki
  • 94-Zulu

Localization Services

Software Localization Services

Modern software development approaches have made it much easier to provide localization services for software programs. This is due to the fact that GUI strings, alert messages, and menu contents are all stored in external resource files such as RESX, XML, and TXT, among others. These files are extremely portable and simple to work with, making them perfect for language localization and translation services. To localize a software program, the localization services provider must first translate the strings into the target languages. However, because these strings exist independently of the real interface or context, the translated program must be linguistically evaluated to achieve the maximum level of quality. Other variables influencing localization services quality include foreign language text expansion or contraction in comparison to English or the original language, as well as the various number, date, and currency formats. Word order varies between languages, which is why software developers should avoid utilizing concatenated structures to generate sentences dynamically. Full software localization services also include work for dialogue boxes, as well as aesthetic and functional performance testing.

Columbus Lang has one of the largest technical infrastructures in the localization services industry, allowing us to assist our clients in swiftly completing software localization services. To achieve maintain the title of the best translation provider.

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