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Writer, Author, publisher who looks for global expansion? Columbus Lang provides professional book translation services that cross culture and language barriers allowing writers and publishers to boldly engage international audiences one quality translated book at a time. We have a book translator fleet with huge experience at our book translation agency to ensure the highest quality book translation services.

Global Publishing and Book Translation Services

When it comes to professional book translation services, we don't only translate the words, we also adapt the book's purpose, characters, topic, narrative, layout, and typography to the new language and culture. Our book translation agency makes it possible for readers all around the world to comprehend and enjoy your literary work in their native languages. You've invested time and money authoring your books, and the last thing you want is some absurd book translation services to the target language. More than linguistic understanding is required to provide high-quality book translation services. You need creative writing talent and expert knowledge in relevant subject matter sectors for generating translated publications that resonate with the targeted audience in their native tongue. Columbus Lang, as the most reputable book translation agency in the region, takes great delight in offering professional book translation services to authors and publishing houses that best engage worldwide audiences while generating the maximum spread and expansion.

Further, Columbus Lang offers full book translation services from A to Z, including content translation, linguistic assessment, multilingual typesetting, graphics design, DTP, and digital publishing. To ensure linguistic correctness, creative competence, and cultural sensitivity, we only employ -for each project- an experienced book translator with substantial experience in creative writing and relevant subject matter expertise to work on the said project. We, Moreover, translate fiction, textbooks, novels, biographies, technical manuals, eBooks, religious works, and scientific research between English and vast range of languages. If you are looking forward to get a book translated for you or your publishing house, contact us and let us provide you the best experience you will ever have by providing professional book translation services.


Book Translation Services Process

Our book translation agency will appoint a specialized project manager who will collaborate with you to understand the book translation services practices that works best for your book. The project manager will then gather the best book translator and desktop publishing expert and create a project plan based on your timeframe and budget requirements. Early in the project cycle, each of the book translation services will contain a sample translation review to verify the translated content matches the author’s expectations in terms of language quality and linguistic style. After that, a second linguist is called in to proofread the approved translation and make any necessary changes for the original translator to approve and apply. Following that, our desktop publishing team will format the book in accordance with worldwide typesetting best practices. Also, Columbus Lang may generate print-ready PDF files for the translated book, which can then be distributed online or by traditional offset printing. All result in the best professional book translation services you might ever ask for.

Book Translation

Technology, E-publishing, and E-book Translation Services

EPublishing, often known as digital and online publishing, is the process of producing books, magazines, newspapers, and other media as digital material. Instead of merely publishing a book in paperback, it is now possible, yet preferable, to have it distributed as a digital publication (CD-ROMS, eBooks, PDFs, and more) that is compatible with any device, including PCs, laptops, smartphones, tablets, and popular e-readers -such as Amazon Kindle- to be taken everywhere.

Columbus Lang is a world-class professional book translation services provider that specializes in publishing and ePublishing services, assisting everyone from self-publishers and authors to international publishing houses, educational institutions, and libraries worldwide in expanding their audience and maximizing the global reach of their books. We have the ability and competence to manage your eBook conversion projects professionally and easily at cost-effective prices while achieving the tightest deadlines.

With a large in-house production staff and a large network of book translator professionals, DTP experts, as well as native-speaking linguists and subject-matter experts located locally, our book translation agency guarantees on-time delivery of your eBook conversion projects while providing eBooks that are as accurate and consistent as they should be, linguistically and functionally, i.e., error-free. Such flawless outcomes are the result of specialist conversion tools and industry best practices, as well as rigorous adherence to our ISO 9001:2015 and 17100:2015 certification requirements and QA processes. We accept a broad range of input formats at our book translation agency, including Word Documents, InDesign, PDF, Quark, XML Formats, and many more.


Go Digital with Our Book Translation Agency?

The XML-based format for digital books and publications is an internationally recognized format that is widely used and chosen by people all over the world. And we are able to provide professional book translation services in such format in addition to EPUB. As it is the only format that can be read by practically any software or hardware reading device such as Kindle.

We deeply care to provide book translation services in EPUB to offer the most affordable cost for both publishers and readers. Columbus Lang develops and converts your eBooks to EPUB or any other chosen format, delivering high-quality work in a timely manner for large-volume projects at a low cost.

Columbus Lang is one of the region’s most respected and competent professional book translation services providers. By providing book translation services with the hands of top book translator experts, we guarantee you go beyond local borders with our book translation agency. So, if you need a translation partner to manage your tasks, don’t hesitate to phone our number right now!

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