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Your website is your clients' initial point of contact. This digital presence is your company's initial impression since it represents the vision and tone of voice of your business and what it has to offer your consumers. And to reach global markets and more potential customers, you need website translation or website localization services. Relevancy in content, design, and is the key to making a great first and enduring impression, and the numbers are overwhelming.

Website Translation Vs. Website Localization

Website localization is the process of customizing a website in terms of content, design, and usability to a certain area or market. While the distinctions between localization and translation may be blurred, the two are never the same thing. Website translation, on the other hand, is a step in the localization process that involves conveying meaning from one language to another.

Localization is more comprehensive; it extends beyond text. It also considers the factors of design and layout adaption, cultural preferences such as phrases, slang, and idioms, visuals and pictures, formatting, and local and regulatory needs.

In this aspect, website localization entails more than simply developing several language versions of your website. Rather, it's about creating a meaningful, familiar experience for your viewers that gives the sense of being specially tailored to them. In other words, it's all about innovating to alter the entire experience for your new clients in each target market, with the ultimate objective of enabling market expansion.


Website Translation Meets Automation

Traditional website translation methods require several manual touchpoints, which decrease project performance while increasing translation costs due to longer work periods. Because of the digital revolution, information is produced continuously and around the clock to satisfy rapidly changing client expectations, necessitating the need for translation services that are provided quickly, typically in hours or even minutes rather than days or weeks. 

Columbus Lang is adopting the agility of high-end technology in its website translation operations to keep ahead of the competition in global marketplaces. This is why Columbus Lang is required. Our swift, intelligent translation automation solutions aid in the reduction or elimination of manual localization tasks such as file handoff, content analysis, legacy translation leverage, project quotation, transkit creation, translator assignment, linguistic review, weekly updates, desktop publishing, project delivery, and invoicing.

These labor-intensive procedures are frequently performed by professionally qualified project managers, localization engineers, and DTP experts. Most of the time it is done in eCommerce translation services which not only extends project deadlines and increases website translation services cost but also increases the possibility of human mistakes. The good news is that regardless of the content matter (medical, technical, legal, or financial papers) or content type (PDF, Word, InDesign), the automated methods necessary for correctly localizing the content into the target languages are basically the same and repetitious. This is where translation workflow automation may help with increased efficiency and consistency. Columbus Lang’s AI-powered translation management system automates non-essential processes while using the greatest professional human translators and multilingual subject matter experts to provide linguistically fluent and technically correct website translation services at scale and speed. Our machine-human website translation solutions are specifically developed to assist our clients in shooting through the sky of worldwide success while providing the highest ROI from website translation solutions.

Website Translation

How We Do It?


The success of your website translation project is dependent on excellent project management, which begins with careful preparation. This phase is the road plan for the entire project, from start to end, ensuring a smooth website translation process. Our conscientious project managers do an overall review, define your company objectives, develop a thorough plan, and establish a project timeline to maximize your productivity. Further to that, we do research, research, and more research. Every effective website localization plan is founded on extensive research. Once you've identified your target markets, we do thorough research to give specific market insights. Meanwhile, our technical team conducts a thorough examination of various CMSs, tools, and technologies in order to improve quality while lowering website translation services costs.


This is the point at which all project instructions and recommendations are implemented. Professional native-speaking translators from the local area are allocated to website translation projects based on their subject-matter competence. This is followed by a rigorous review process conducted by other linguists to guarantee high-quality information that is linguistically, contextually, culturally accurate, and appropriate for the target audience and market.  Our localization engineers and DTP professionals take control of the technical and functional aspects of the website translation project. They set up and align the website so that the translated text may be viewed easily as if it was coded natively in this language. This includes changes to style and design, user interface, spacing, text expansion, text orientation, site navigation, and more.


This is the final phase of website translation services we provide before the website goes live, and it involves intensive quality assurance testing. This QA testing assures that the website operates as it should. Linguists collaborate with technical and localization experts to ensure that your website content is free of linguistic/cultural discrepancies as well as functionality/usability difficulties.


WordPress Website Translation Services

WordPress has become one of the most popular CMS systems used to generate the world’s massive number of websites due to its simplicity of use and an extensive library of ready-made HTML design themes. WordPress’ strong third-party plugins enable businesses to implement almost all commercial functions, such as online shopping carts, product galleries, and customer dashboards. However, while WordPress is highly adaptable when it comes to developing the source language website, its capacity to translate the material into other languages is fairly restricted. This is where we, Columbus Lang, intervene to save the day by providing website translation services. We provide WordPress website translation solutions with minimal website translation services cost but the maximum quality on the other hand. The impossible is now possible with us.

Columbus Lang is considered a pioneer of website translation services providers in the region. And we are capable of providing website translation services with the best website translation services cost you can get. We make sure that our solutions will expand your website’s global reach and sales by infusing our eCommerce translation services for your online market. With the best specialists, linguists, and experts, your success is guaranteed! So, if you need a website translation agency to help in spreading your website like a wildfire, get us on the line, and let’s do business.

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