Healthcare Translation Services

Columbus Lang offers full support for medical professionals across the world with all-inclusive healthcare translation services to translate all medical documents with accuracy and efficiency and communicate with patients and manufacturers worldwide.

Healthcare Translation Services To Save Lives Across Continents

The healthcare industry is a vital and diverse field that includes several factors contributing ultimately to the saving of lives. The reason why you should hire trustworthy providers of healthcare translation services is because medical care is a universal endeavor and it should never be hindered by the difference in languages. More importantly, healthcare translation services help more than just medical care providers and patients, they go into the manufacturing of medical devices, localizing them to providers all over the world, they go into pharmaceutics, translating every document needed from the stage of producing a drug to the stage of a patient taking that drug. With the healthcare industry getting more demanding in a post-pandemic world, different types of healthcare translation services go into the mix to offer the most support for hospitals, clinics, pharmaceuticals, medical device manufacturers, and more.

Columbus Lang is the answer you’re seeking for accurate healthcare translation services! Our team of medical translators are up to any task you have, ranging from video translation services in healthcare to more comprehensive medical translation services. When it comes to different translation services in healthcare, Columbus Lang’s translators has both the perfect linguistic expertise and the widespread knowledge of medical-specific terminology to get any document you need translated with a 100% accuracy.


Medical Translation Services & Medical Interpretation

Columbus Lang’s healthcare translation services pave the way for clear communication between healthcare providers and patients wherever they are in the world. The medical field is unquestionably vital in every part of the world regardless of the language spoken but imagine a case in which the medical provider and the patient don’t speak the same language. Well, it’s case Columbus Lang can solve effortlessly! 

With specialized medical translation services, patients from all over the world can gain access to healthcare services they can understand and trust. In the case of emergencies, medical translation services are always needed to make sure healthcare providers and their patients are in the same page which is why Columbus Lang’s healthcare translation services include medical interpretation on-site or over-the-phone. Our medical interpreters are the mouthpiece you need if you are a patient wanting to convey how you feel to get the best treatment or if you are a healthcare provider wanting to give patients the best treatment possible while also familiarizing yourself with them. This can be done through video translation services in healthcare as well, communicating with patients across the screen without having to worry about misunderstandings or misinformation with professional translations from Columbus Lang.

Healthcare Translation

Global Reach Through The Perfect Healthcare Translation Services

Columbus Lang is a highly-regarded provider of translation services in healthcare because we take the job of building a bridge of communication between healthcare providers and patients very seriously. We meet the needs of our clients in the healthcare industry in over 180 languages, matching the critical role medicine plays in human lives with detail-driven healthcare translation services in all the languages you need. Here are some of our most requested languages:

English Translation Services
German Translation Services
French Translation Services
Spanish Translation Services
Portuguese Translation Services
Italian Translation Services
Greek Translation Services
Russian Translation Services
Polish Translation Services
Dutch Translation Services
Danish Translation Services
Swedish Translation Services
Serbian Translation Services
Czech Translation Services
Hungarian Translation Services
Croatian Translation Services
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Healthcare Translation Services

Healthcare Translation

Documents Included In Our Healthcare Translation Services

Columbus Lang’s title as the best provider of healthcare translation services does not just originate from our team’s perfect translation skills, a result of their mastery of languages and their thorough understanding of the medical field. And just as healthcare is a spread-out field that includes life sciences like pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, medical device manufacturing, and clinical research, our healthcare translation services cover a variety of medical documents. Here are some of the documents frequently requested for translation:

  • 1-Adverse Events
  • 2-Clinical Protocols
  • 3-Clinical Trials
  • 4-Case Report Forms (CRF)
  • 5-Contacts
  • 6-Corporate Websites & Portals
  • 7-CRA Training Materials & Videos
  • 8-Dossiers
  • 9-Data Sheets
  • 10-Drug Registration Documentation
  • 11-Informed Consent Forms
  • 12-Instructions For Use (IFU)
  • 13-Investigator Brochures
  • 14-Manufacturing Process Descriptions
  • 15-Master Batch Records & Deviation Reports
  • 16-Marketing Materials
  • 17-Multimedia Audio & Visual
  • 18-NDA & IND
  • 19-Protocols
  • 20-Production Manuals
  • 21-Patient Information
  • 22-Patient Reported Outcomes (PRO)
  • 23-Patient Recruitment Materials
  • 24-Package Inserts & Labels
  • 25-Product Labels
  • 26-Pharmacological Studies
  • 27-Questionnaires
  • 28-Quality of Life (QoL) Measures
  • 29-Rater Scales
  • 30-Regulatory Documents
  • 31-Regulatory Audit
  • 32-Scientific Journal Articles
  • 33-Software & Hardware
  • 34-Toxicology Reports

Up-To-Date Video Translation Services In Healthcare

Videos play a similar role to medical translation services when it comes to healthcare in the sense that it preserves efforts and saves precious time, giving out desirable and often perfect results. One use for videos that saves lives in real time is video communications between patients and healthcare providers. Video translation services in healthcare works in favor of building a stage of common understanding between both parties to ensure that healthcare providers do their jobs to the best of their abilities and patients relieve whatever ailings they’re going through without having the additional worry of not being understood correctly. Videos also play a promotional role in the business of medical devices manufacturing which is another reason why it’s important to have video translation services in healthcare. It’s also incredibly vital to translate academic videos and course content through proficient healthcare translation services to increase the number of competent healthcare providers and ensure they have the necessary knowledge to be in charge of a human life. Columbus Lang is the partner you need with the perfect healthcare translation services to maintain a good healthcare system.

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