Audio Translation Services

Columbus Lang gives you a chance to connect with audiences worldwide regardless of their language with the help of our excellent audio translators who open up doors between you and your listeners.

Get Your Voice Heard Across The World

Translating audio content into other languages is one of the most effective ways to expand your audience, especially if you're a small business or startup. It's also a great way to boost your SEO rankings by making it easier for potential customers to find you online.

But what exactly is it, and how does it help? Well, here's how it works: when audio translators start working on translating an audio file into another language, they first have to transcribe the content and write it down to ensure nothing gets lost in translation.

After transcription, your audio is ready to be translated into your language of choice. With a good translation agency that is known to hire capable audio translators, you can be sure that the script translation of your audio will turn out accurate and authentic to the target language.

The reason this is so important for small businesses and up-and-coming content creators is that if your content is in English, that means it is unavailable to around 20% of the world population whose understanding of English is non-existent. Columbus Lang helps you reach those people with your content and make it accessible to foreign audiences with accurate audio translations provided by professional audio translators.

Audio Translation Services

Audio Translators

Industries We Serve With Audio Translations

Audio, whether spoken or recorded, is involved in every sector. From podcasts about various industries and areas of expertise to learning material and audio tracks, they all need expert audio translators who can help creators reach millions of listeners with minimum effort.

Columbus Lang offers you perfectly-tailored audio translations in your field of choice to make sure you build a strong connection between you and your audience and allow them to enjoy your content to the fullest. Take a look at some of the industries we support with our audio and script translations:

  • 1-Legal Translation Services
  • 2-IT Translation Services
  • 3-Healthcare Translation Services
  • 4-Manufacturing Translation Services
  • 5-Marketing Translation Services
  • 6-Advertising Translation Services
  • 7-Retail Translation Services
  • 8-E-Commerce Translation Services
  • 9-Travel Translation Services
  • 10-Hospitality Translation Services
  • 11-Life Sciences Translation Services
  • 12-Finance Translation Services
  • 13-Banking Translation Services
  • 14-Gaming Translation Services
  • 15-Medical Translation Services
  • 16-Government Translation Services
  • 17-Automotive Translation Services
  • 18-E-Learning Translation Services

Audio Translators

Multilingual Professional Audio Translators

Columbus Lang is a multilingual translation agency that provides audio translations in over 160 languages with the support of some of the most talented audio translators in the world.

Our audio translators are experts in not only the linguistic side of translation but also the specialized aspect of your audio that has to do with any specific industry and what’s more, they produce the same accurate script translation in all our covered languages. 

We have audio translators from every nationality to cover every language you require and here’s a look at some of the languages they offer professional audio translations in:

English Audio Translation
German Audio Translation
French Audio Translation
Spanish Audio Translation
Portuguese Audio Translation
Italian Audio Translation
Greek Audio Translation
Russian Audio Translation
Polish Audio Translation
Dutch Audio Translation
Danish Audio Translation
Swedish Audio Translation
Serbian Audio Translation
Czech Audio Translation
Hungarian Audio Translation
Croatian Audio Translation
Chinese Audio Translation
Korean Audio Translation
Arabic Audio Translation
Kurdish Audio Translation
Farsi Audio Translation
Turkish Audio Translation
Somali Audio Translation
Swahili Audio Translation
Hebrew Audio Translation

Audio Translators

Columbus Lang Services

Our audio translators are not only experts when it comes to providing written audio translations, but they are also trained in the art of voice acting and voice modulation, which makes them adept at creating an impression on any audience through their voice alone. 

They also have excellent writing skills along with an innate ability to understand your message and translate it into an engaging piece of content that can be easily understood by your audience. 

It’s part of what makes Columbus Lang great, we are a translation agency that excels in more than just translation. We provide comprehensive business solutions and services through all types of media to globalize your content with excellence across all platforms. Here are some of the services we provide next to audio translation services:

  • 1-Translation Services
  • 2-Localization Services
  • 3-Content Creation Services
  • 4-Interpretation Services
  • 5-Transcreation Services
  • 6-Desktop Publishing Services
  • 7-Transcription Services
  • 8-Voiceover Services
  • 9-Multimedia Localization
  • 10-Proofreading Services
  • 11-Subtitling Services
  • 12-Website Translation Services
  • 13-Game Localization Services
  • 14-Machine Translation Services
  • 15-MTPE Services
  • 16-Document Translation Services
Audio Translation Services

The Columbus Lang Advantage

Making audio content is the hard part, once you get it out of the way, the only thing standing between you and establishing a large fanbase with which you have a connection is getting accurate audio translations.

Columbus Lang provides you with the best audio translations money can buy to help you reach audiences in remote areas of the world without ever having to change your language.

Our audio translators are a team of professionals that handle all the hard work, transcribing your audio and then localizing it all while keeping your tone of voice and the message of your content clear and as powerful as it is in your original language. 

Our audio translators are also experts in their respective fields and have experience in various domains like legal, medical, technical, financial, business transactions, and many more, providing script translations that are in line with the industry your target audience belongs to.

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