Clinical Investigation Translation Services

Columbus Lang meets the growing need in the global pharmaceutical industry for clinical investigation translation services, offering multilingual device investigation to ensure the quality of medical products meets global standards. Contact us now to learn more!

Guarantee Global Compliance With Clinical Investigation Translation Services

Pharmaceutical companies invest immense time and resources into researching and developing new drugs and medical devices. A key part of this process involves conducting clinical investigations and trials to test new drugs and medical devices on human subjects. To truly understand the safety and efficacy of a potential new treatment, pharmaceutical companies need efficient clinical investigation translation services to comfortably include diverse patient populations from around the world.

Clinical investigation translation services are an essential investment to gather rich clinical data and comply with global regulations, allowing drug companies and medical device developers to communicate efficiently with non-native speakers in multiple languages. Multilingual device investigations in particular are vital to ensure your medical device is safe and ready to use by patients worldwide.

By getting comprehensive medical translation services from a translation agency you can trust, you can confidently share important trial documents, consent forms, patient questionnaires, and medical reports with global authorities and international subjects in their preferred language. From ensuring regulatory compliance to facilitating effective communication and promoting inclusivity, clinical investigation translation services are an invaluable part of medical device translation services.

Columbus Lang is one of the top providers of clinical investigation translation services, making your investment in such services not only a regulatory endeavor but also a strategic step to advance healthcare innovation and improve patient outcomes on a global scale. Columbus Lang helps navigate global medical device development seamlessly and compliantly across borders, with expertise in medical linguistics and regional requirements to ensure smooth multilingual device investigations.

Clinical Investigation Translation Services

Industry Tailored Translation Services For Sure Compliance

Columbus Lang stands out for delivering premium translation services across diverse sectors beyond just medical and medical device development. With a keen understanding of industry-specific terminologies and concepts, Columbus Lang caters to businesses spanning finance, legal, technology, marketing, and more. By leveraging advanced language expertise and a commitment to excellence, Columbus Lang helps businesses effectively communicate their messages to global audiences, driving growth, enhancing brand reputation, and creating successful international partnerships across a wide range of industries.

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Clinical Investigation Translation Services

Error-Free Multilingual Device Investigations

Columbus Lang excels in delivering clinical investigation translation services across more than 260 languages with an unwavering commitment to quality and precision. Our team of expert linguists, versed in medical terminology and regulatory requirements, ensures accurate and culturally sensitive translations of informed consent forms, study protocols, regulatory submissions, and patient-reported outcomes. Leveraging advanced technology and rigorous quality assurance processes, Columbus Lang maintains consistency and accuracy across all languages, enabling pharmaceutical companies to conduct global clinical trials seamlessly.

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Clinical Investigation Translation Services

Leverage Linguistic Solutions Beyond Medical Translation Services

Columbus Lang offers comprehensive linguistic solutions beyond translation for the medical and medical device development sector. Our services encompass interpretation for clinical trials, facilitating clear communication among diverse stakeholders. Columbus Lang provides localization of medical software and apps, ensuring usability across different languages and cultures. With a focus on linguistic excellence and industry expertise, Columbus Lang delivers tailored solutions to meet the complex needs of the medical sector, supporting innovation, compliance, and global collaboration.

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The Columbus Lang Advantage

Columbus Lang understands the medical sector inside and out, depending on years of serving the top medical device developers around. Our staff providing clinical investigation translation services includes trained engineers, clinicians, and regulatory experts along with linguistic professionals. This multi-disciplinary skillset allows them to accurately provide medical translation services for highly technical device documentation, clinical studies, usability protocols, and more. 

With in-house translators from different spots in the world, Columbus Lang ensures our clinical investigation translation services fully comply with international medical device regulations and standards. Our ISO-certified processes surrounding multilingual device investigations incorporate extensive QA checkpoints to guarantee translations are legally sound for submissions. With local staff across six continents, we provide the cultural and regulatory intelligence needed to navigate varied international healthcare ecosystems.

Unlike agencies only equipped for routine medical translation services, Columbus Lang supports medical device clients from the initial project concept through post-market requirements with various value-added linguistic solutions. Our full suite of medical device translation services covers all study documentation, patient materials, informed consent forms, investigator meeting presentations, and safety reports. 

Columbus Lang is the top choice for clinical trials involving international investigators and subjects, providing clear comprehension through specialized medical subject matter experts who not only translate text but also check for comprehension of all device-related concepts. Our native translator network allows for forward and back translation as well as cultural validation testing to guarantee translated materials are fully understood as intended.


Reasons Why You Should Get Our clinical investigation translation services

In today’s data-driven healthcare climate, streamlining clinical research with quality clinical investigation translation services is mandatory for medical device success. Columbus Lang doesn’t stop at that, offering a full suite of medical translation services that separate us as the best partner to navigate linguistic and cultural barriers to international healthcare names. Here are some of the wide range of specialized medical translation services we provide next to multilingual device investigation solutions:

  • Medical Device Documentation Translation

Columbus Lang provides medical device translation services for user manuals, labeling, technical specifications, and regulatory documentation for medical devices, ensuring compliance with international regulations and standards.

  • Pharmacovigilance Translation

Columbus Lang efficiently translates pharmacovigilance documents such as adverse event reports, safety data sheets, and risk management plans, ensuring accurate communication of safety information.

  • Medical Marketing Translation

Columbus Lang helps pharmaceutical companies localize marketing materials, including brochures, websites, advertisements, and promotional content, to effectively reach target audiences in different regions while maintaining brand consistency and compliance with local regulations.

  • Medical Research Translation

Columbus Lang translates scientific manuscripts, research papers, conference presentations, and grant proposals, facilitating the dissemination of medical research findings across linguistic barriers and ensuring accuracy and clarity of scientific content.

  • Patient Education Materials Translation

Columbus Lang assists healthcare providers and pharmaceutical companies in translating patient education materials, such as medication guides, discharge instructions, and health information pamphlets, to improve patient understanding and adherence to treatment regimens.

  • Regulatory Compliance Translation

Columbus Lang supports medical companies in translating regulatory documents, including submissions to health authorities, regulatory guidelines, labeling requirements, and compliance documentation, to navigate the complex regulatory landscape of different countries effectively.

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