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Columbus Lang offers you the services of professional English to Dutch translators with native knowledge of Dutch and fluent English that allows you to jump back and forth between the two cultures with ease. Get in touch with our team now and get started on your next Dutch translation project!

Localize Your Business With The Expertise Of Professional English To Dutch Translators

Dutch is a high-value language for businesses looking to expand into Europe, with over 24 million native speakers in the Netherlands and Flanders. Professional Dutch translation services can help businesses overcome the language barrier and connect with this sizable audience and who’s better to provide it than highly-trained professional English to Dutch translators

Having marketing, website, and product documentation text accurately translated into fluent, natural Dutch allows your company access to a large Dutch-speaking customer base, which helps generate brand awareness, leads, and sales in the Netherlands and Belgium. 

The expertise of English to Dutch translators comes in handy when translating business documents like contracts, proposals, manuals, and forms because they ensure compliance with local requirements and build trust with your Dutch partners and clients. 

Beyond the Netherlands, Dutch serves as a bridge to other European countries because it shares many similar words and grammatical structures with German and English, making Dutch speakers tend to pick up those languages quickly and making it infinitely easier to translate Dutch to German or the other way around. 

One community that is sure to benefit from the expertise of English to Dutch translators is the Pennsylvania Dutch, a community that represents an important linguistic minority within Pennsylvania that still speaks a unique German dialect. For this group to effectively engage with institutions and businesses, Pennsylvania Dutch translation is important to preserve their cultural identity, give them access to vital information, and allow their businesses to better serve local customers. Columbus Lang is a translation agency that has the resources to help Dutch-speaking customers in the USA and in Dutch-speaking countries communicate effectively with the help of expert English to Dutch translators.

Dutch Translation Services

English To Dutch Translators Across Different Media

Columbus Lang's Dutch translation services go beyond simple document translations. The solutions offered by our English to Dutch translators include website localization into Dutch, interpreting and transcription services, subtitling of audiovisual content, multilingual content management, machine translation training, linguistic consulting, and more. 

Whether you need to translate marketing materials, technical manuals, legal contracts, media kits or anything in between, our expert professional translators offer full-service Dutch translation solutions tailored to your specific needs. With precision, quality, and on-time delivery in mind, we help businesses communicate effectively with Dutch speakers.

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Dutch Translation Services

Translate Dutch To German & 160+ Languages More

Columbus Lang hires world-class English to Dutch translators but our expertise goes far beyond that. We also translate Dutch to German, Dutch to French, and Dutch to over 160 languages, handled by native speakers of each language we cover. For any language you need, we have translators, editors, and language engineers familiar with the nuances to ensure high-quality translation from Dutch into those languages on any topic or for any text genre. Our multilingual translation solutions let businesses maximize their multilingual communication efforts and achieve great globalization results.

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Dutch Translation Services

English To Dutch Translators For The Netherlands’ Top Industries

Columbus Lang's professional English to Dutch translators have expertise across many subject areas and industries, precisely translating your material into accurate, natural-sounding Dutch while ensuring correct terminology for your specific field. Whether technical documents, marketing materials, website content, manuals, or legal contracts, our English to Dutch translators have the skills and experience to translate text across different fields with pinpoint accuracy, clarity, and correct industry terminology, making the end result comprehensible and effective for Dutch readers.

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The Columbus Lang Advantage

Columbus Lang's English to Dutch translators are among the best in the industry because of their unmatched combination of fluency, expertise, and experience. Being native Dutch speakers themselves, they have an instinctive command of the language and feel for what sounds natural and idiomatic to Dutch audiences. They translate into their mother tongue with the right nuance, word choice, and cultural fluency to truly resonate with readers.

With years of professional translation experience, our English to Dutch translators have honed their craft and gained proficiency with diverse text genres, styles, and formats. They know how to adapt the tone, level of formality, and structure of writing for optimal comprehension in Dutch and we have a variety of Dutch natives working to translate to and from more than just English. We translate Dutch to German, Dutch to French, or even Dutch to Arabic, you say the language pair, and our translators meet you halfway.


Another aspect that sets us apart from translation agencies in the USA is that we cover Pennsylvania Dutch translation. In fact, our Pennsylvania Dutch translation acknowledges the value of the distinct culture and helps ensure the special dialect survives, so the community can maintain its ethnic distinctiveness for generations to come. Our English to Dutch translators are native Pennsylvania Dutch speakers who understand the nuances of the dialect that are key to providing accurate translations that effectively communicate with this linguistically isolated community.

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