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Columbus Lang is one of the best game localization agencies for video game translation services, helping hundreds of game producers gain international revenue effortlessly with customized gaming experiences for every foreign gamer. Tailor your game to global gamers today!

International Game Invasion By The Best Of Game Localization Agencies

The amount of people turning to video games for entertainment as a leisure activity after a rough day is increasing rapidly. In response to the expanding global popularity of video games, the need for professional game translation services is rising quickly.

Players all around the world are always searching for fresh challenges in games to keep them interested and involved, and what better way to catch their interest than games that are translated into their language? That’s why you need to find a video game translation agency to help you localize your games and make them available for international gamers.

Columbus Lang is one of the top companies for video game translation, employing thousands of linguistic experts who localize every part of your game. We’re one of the few game localization agencies that are constantly working to make your game a home for international players by offering culturally-authentic video game translation services.

To ensure that our translation services for video games are of the best quality possible and to live up to our reputation as a top video game translation agency, Columbus Lang makes use of the knowledge of experienced translators who are gamers when the opportunity arises.

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Other Industries We Serve

Columbus Lang has years of experience in the business of translation and multitudes of competent linguistic experts. Just as our video game translation services are provided by gaming experts, every industry we help serve receives high-quality translations from subject matter experts who know their terminology and the ins and outs of their respective industries.

You can always rely on Columbus Lang to provide translation services that meet the highest international standards. Here are some of our top industries:

  • 1-Legal Translation Services
  • 2-IT Translation Services
  • 3-Healthcare Translation Services
  • 4-Manufacturing Translation Services
  • 5-Marketing Translation Services
  • 6-Advertising Translation Services
  • 7-Retail Translation Services
  • 8-E-Commerce Translation Services
  • 9-Travel Translation Services
  • 10-Hospitality Translation Services
  • 11-Life Sciences Translation Services
  • 12-Finance Translation Services
  • 13-Banking Translation Services
  • 14-Gaming Translation Services
  • 15-Medical Translation Services
  • 16-Government Translation Services
  • 17-Automotive Translation Services
  • 18-E-Learning Translation Services

Game Localization

Multilingual Game & Video Translation Services

Columbus Lang is a multilingual video game translation agency that provides quality linguistic services to game producers around the world, ensuring your game makes the same impact in every spot your release it into and attracts gamers from every nationality.

Companies for video game translation services are often efficient when it comes to providing perfectly translated games but what sets Columbus Lang apart from the rest is that we provide video translation services to match. We don’t only cover the dialogue parts of your games, but we localize the elements of your videos to your culture of choice. We cover over 160 languages worldwide and here’s just a hint:

English Video Translation Services
German Video Translation Services
French Video Translation Services
Spanish Video Translation Services
Portuguese Video Translation Services
Italian Video Translation Services
Greek Video Translation Services
Russian Video Translation Services
Polish Video Translation Services
Dutch Video Translation Services
Danish Video Translation Services
Swedish Video Translation Services
Serbian Video Translation Services
Czech Video Translation Services
Hungarian Video Translation Services
Croatian Video Translation Services
Chinese Video Translation Services
Korean Video Translation Services
Arabic Video Translation Services
Kurdish Video Translation Services
Farsi Video Translation Services
Turkish Video Translation Services
Somali Video Translation Services
Swahili Video Translation Services
Hebrew Video Translation Services

Game Localization

Services We Provide

In addition to game and video translation services, Columbus Lang offers a wide range of multilingual services to assist you in expanding your business globally. Columbus Lang provides simple, cost-effective solutions for any part of your organization that has to be available in a foreign language.

If you are a game producer looking to launch a new game, there will be a slew of factors to consider, from the marketing strategy that incorporates your game to the crowd to your official site to international conventions and conferences. Columbus Lang is ready to assist you with multinational marketing services, website localization, and on-site interpretation. Here are some of our most important services:

  • 1-Translation Services
  • 2-Localization Services
  • 3-Content Creation Services
  • 4-Interpretation Services
  • 5-Transcreation Services
  • 6-Desktop Publishing Services
  • 7-Transcription Services
  • 8-Voiceover Services
  • 9-Multimedia Localization
  • 10-Proofreading Services
  • 11-Subtitling Services
  • 12-Website Translation Services
  • 13-Game Localization Services
  • 14-Machine Translation Services
  • 15-MTPE Services
  • 16-Document Translation Services
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Why Are We The Best Of Game Localization Agencies?

One of the best game localization agencies to work with for game translation services is Columbus Lang, which relies on hundreds of qualified translators that have the same passion for gaming as your everyday game player.

Our thoroughness in handling game localization projects places us ahead in the race of companies for video game translation. The very second you place a game localization request with us, your game will be right on the way to international success. We focus on every detail of your game with translation services for text strings of dialogues between characters and video translation services for instructional videos about the intricacies of in-game conquests.

The complete localization of games requires more than linguistic proficiency, they need the background gaming expertise of our professional translators. Out of all the game localization agencies you can hire, Columbus Lang is the best because we understand the importance of well-written translations in increasing player engagement, customer retention, and profitability. There are also several technical terms that must be appropriately translated in order for video game gamers to readily grasp them and get the maximum fun out of them.

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