Multilingual Mobile Game Translators

Columbus Lang offers mobile game studios the chance to reach new audiences and maximize revenue potential with the help of professional mobile game translators providing mobile game translation in over 260 languages worldwide. Get in touch now!


More Than Just Mobile Game Translation

While Columbus Lang excels in mobile game translation, our experience spans the entire video game universe. We pride ourselves in being the go-to partner for game studios looking to localize their games and interactive content across all leading platforms and genres. Our full-stack game localization solutions ensure your game can make it big across international markets.

  • Console Game Translation

Columbus Lang has extensive experience localizing major AAA game titles released on consoles like PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and others. This includes games in all genres from shooters to RPGs to sports.

  • PC Game Translation

Whether released on Steam, Epic, or other PC platforms, Columbus Lang localizes both AAA and indie PC games into over 260 languages. Genres include MMOs, RTS, simulations, and more. 

  • Web Game Translation

Columbus Lang translates casual and social games designed to be played directly in a web browser. Examples include web-based puzzles, card games, hidden object games, and more.

  • Virtual Reality (VR) Game Translation

With the growth of VR, Columbus Lang now handles the localization of games and experiences designed for headsets like Oculus, Vive, PSVR, and more. This includes both single-player and multiplayer VR titles.

  • Tablet Game Translation

In addition to mobile game translation, we translate games optimized for tablet format and touchscreen controls, especially educational and creative apps.

  • Video Game Software Translation

We also handle the localization of game engines, game development tools, game documentation, and gaming peripherals.


Mobile Game Translators To Help Your Game Take On The World

The mobile gaming industry has seen explosive growth over the past decade as smartphones have become omnipresent. What was once a niche platform is now a multibillion-dollar business, with over 2.5 billion mobile gamers worldwide. 

As the market has expanded globally, the need for high-quality mobile game translation has become imperative. Professional mobile game translators now play a vital behind-the-scenes role in bringing enjoyable gaming experiences to audiences around the world.

With the complexity of modern mobile games growing exponentially, professional mobile game translators have to overcome the technical and cultural challenges of mobile game translation with special training from their translation agency.

Columbus Lang’s mobile game translators are some of the best in the field, with specialized skills that allow them to expertly translate dialogue, characters, menus, and tutorials, all while ensuring consistency across gameplay and narrative elements. 

Our mobile game translators provide a nuanced cultural and creative understanding that meets the demands for mobile game translation as mobile gaming pushes creative boundaries with new genres and innovative mixed reality experiences. Our mobile game translators are key international ambassadors for the thriving global mobile gaming industry.

Video Game Translation Services

Mobile Game Translators

A Translation Agency For Every Global Business Need

While known for our excellence in mobile game translation, Columbus Lang provides localization services across many other industries as well. We translate technical documents, websites, software, and applications for fields like IT, engineering, manufacturing, and education. Columbus Lang's skilled linguists also handle general content like publications, marketing materials, legal contracts, and more. With years of experience in diverse domains, Columbus Lang has more than just mobile game translators ensuring we remain the premier choice for expert language services worldwide.

  • 1-Legal Translation Services
  • 2-IT Translation Services
  • 3-Healthcare Translation Services
  • 4-Manufacturing Translation Services
  • 5-Marketing Translation Services
  • 6-Advertising Translation Services
  • 7-Retail Translation Services
  • 8-E-Commerce Translation Services
  • 9-Travel Translation Services
  • 10-Hospitality Translation Services
  • 11-Life Sciences Translation Services
  • 12-Finance Translation Services
  • 13-Banking Translation Services
  • 14-Gaming Translation Services
  • 15-Medical Translation Services
  • 16-Government Translation Services
  • 17-Clinical Research Translation Services
  • 18-Automotive Translation Services
  • 19-E-Learning Translation Services
  • 20-Architecture Translation Services

Mobile Game Translators

Mobile Game Translators Into 260+ Languages Around The World

As the gaming market in non-English speaking regions like China, Japan, Korea, and across Europe continues booming, mobile game translation remains a huge factor in a mobile game's success. Columbus Lang assists top studios with in-house mobile game translators who quickly and accurately deliver new content and updates. For indie developers and smaller firms, Columbus Lang’s mobile game translators provide a crucial globalization solution.

English Mobile Game Translator
German Mobile Game Translator
Spanish Mobile Game Translator
Italian Mobile Game Translator
French Mobile Game Translator
Portuguese Mobile Game Translator
Russian Mobile Game Translator
Swedish Mobile Game Translator
Dutch Mobile Game Translator
Romanian Mobile Game Translator
Turkish Mobile Game Translator
Hebrew Mobile Game Translator
Hindi Mobile Game Translator
Urdu Mobile Game Translator
Bengali Mobile Game Translator
Mandarin Mobile Game Translator
Cantonese Mobile Game Translator
Chinese Mobile Game Translator
Japanese Mobile Game Translator
Korean Mobile Game Translator
Taiwanese Mobile Game Translator
Thai Mobile Game Translator
Indonesian Mobile Game Translator
Tamil Mobile Game Translator
Persian Mobile Game Translator
Arabic Mobile Game Translator
Swahili Mobile Game Translator
Karen Mobile Game Translator

Mobile Game Translators

Mobile Game Translation & Other Linguistic Solutions

Columbus Lang’s mobile game translators don't stop at providing literal mobile game translation, they also localize sensibly for each culture. This includes a myriad of different services in addition to mobile game translation like subtitling, voiceover, and game testing. References, prompts, and localization assets are tailored appropriately using cultural insights, providing a level of nuanced adaptation that resonates profoundly with international fans.

  • 1-Mobile Game Translation Services
  • 2-Mobile Game Localization Services
  • 3-Mobile Game Transcription Services
  • 4-Mobile Game Voice Over Services
  • 5-Mobile Game Subtitling Services
  • 6-Mobile Game Testing Services
  • 7-Mobile Game Machine Translation Services
  • 8-Mobile Game Documentation Services

The Columbus Lang Advantage

With new games launching every day across diverse international markets, choosing the right translation agency can make or break a title's success. Columbus Lang’s mobile game translation is the best investment you can make in your international endeavors, with a team of professional mobile game translators attuned to every mobile game trend from localizing the top Japanese mobile games with English translation to globalizing small mobile game prototypes.

Columbus Lang has worked with over 1000 game studios, gaining unmatched experience in this specialized field. With a team of over 500 seasoned mobile game translators, many of whom have worked in the gaming industry for decades, others cannot match our understanding of the intricacies of games. 

Columbus Lang's rigorous mobile game translation process ensures flawless consistency across diverse elements like dialogue, tutorials, menus, and narratives. Our mobile game translators are native speakers of over 260 languages worldwide and they’re intensely trained in game linguistics, catching special references like Pokemon.

With hundreds of successful collaborations under their belt, Columbus Lang’s mobile game translators prove time and again why they're the go-to localization experts for the biggest names in mobile gaming worldwide. For studios seeking optimized international releases, Columbus Lang delivers unrivaled mobile game translation services.


The Intricate Art of Mobile Game Translation

Bringing a mobile game to international audiences is an intricate process that involves much more than simply translating words. Columbus Lang’s elite team of mobile game translators follows a rigorous multi-step methodology to ensure all localized versions deliver an authentic gaming experience.  

  • Project Kickoff

Our mobile game translators review the game design documents, gameplay elements, and localization notes from developers. This understanding of context is key.

  • Text Export

Our seasoned programmers extract all textual elements like dialogue, menus, descriptions, tutorials, and more to prime our mobile game translators for the translation process.

  • Quality Check

The extracted material is reviewed by professionals to catch any errors or inconsistencies before the mobile game translation process begins.

  • Linguistic Analysis

Each element undergoes thorough analysis for our mobile game translators to identify complex terminology, cultural references, and tonal nuances. 

  • Translation

Our native-speaking mobile game translators carefully convert all text using precise language and voice matching technology.

  • Cultural Adaptation

Our mobile game translators adapt idioms, references, and prompts appropriately for target regions without altering intent or gameplay.

  • Formatting

The copy translated by our mobile game translators is formatted to programmer specifications with embedded variables and character limits.

  • Playtesting

Our mobile game translators playtest builds to flag any issues, fine-tune language, and ensure cohesion across the experience.

  • Proofreading

All mobile game translations undergo multi-level proofreading for fluency, consistency, and absence of errors.

  • Implementation

Columbus Lang delivers final localized assets to developers for software integration.

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