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Columbus Lang provides vital Braille writing translation to make information and services truly accessible for all patrons through professional Braille translators. Get in touch now to learn more!

Braille Translators For Maximum Ease Of Access

Incorporating Braille writing translation into marketing and services has become increasingly important for business expanding their customer base to include people with different capabilities. One key service that can help businesses successfully implement Braille is that of professional Braille translators. Skilled English to Braille or Braille to English translators have the power to leverage software programs efficiently to convert text into the Braille tactile reading system, allowing visually impaired individuals equal access to information. 

Braille writing translation of standard printed materials like brochures, menus, labels, and signs ensures that blind and low-vision customers can independently utilize all that a business has to offer. Major companies have recognized the need for Arabic Braille translators as well as Braille to English translators to provide accessible versions of critical documents anywhere across the world.

Braille translators drastically streamline the production of Braille writing translation for documents compared to manual translation methods. With a click of a button, professional Braille translators convert text accurately into grade 2 Braille code for printing on an embosser or mounting on tactile signage. 

With an easy-to-access translation agency, restaurants, retailers, hotels, and other customer service-oriented businesses can confidently expand their reach to more customers with visual disabilities. Columbus Lang has one of the most capable teams of Braille translators, offering Braille writing translation to allow all organizations to demonstrate their commitment to inclusive community values.

Professional Braille Translators

Reinforce Your Business Standing With Professional Braille Translators

Columbus Lang's expert Braille translators are capable of providing high-quality Braille writing translation for a variety of sectors and industries. Whether you need brochures, labels, packaging, or signage translated into tactile Braille code, Columbus Lang has the translation software and expertise to get the job done. Our Braille to English translators can handle Braille conversion for healthcare, education, government, non-profit, manufacturing, and retail documents effortlessly. Columbus Lang is committed to helping organizations across all verticals increase accessibility for the blind and visually impaired.

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Professional Braille Translators

Braille Writing Translation To Give Global Audiences Access To Your Content

As the premier provider of Braille writing translation and accessibility technology, Columbus Lang’s team of Braille translators has developed expertise in supporting over 260 languages worldwide. Our powerful software solutions are equipped with expansive language coverage rare among competitors. Whether documents need to be in English, French, Spanish, Mandarin, Arabic, Russian, or any other frequently used tongue, Columbus Lang's Braille translators have the capability to accurately convert text into tactile code.

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Professional Braille Translators

Harness Our Multilingual Linguistic Solutions & Reach Global Audiences With Ease

Through our robust Braille writing translation software covering over 260 languages, global companies in virtually every industry trust Columbus Lang to help them connect with international visually impaired audiences in their preferred tongues. As the top provider of multilingual accessibility services, Columbus Lang prioritizes equitable communication worldwide. Columbus Lang's dedication to facilitating accessibility across borders through Braille, audio assistance, sign language, and more, has cemented our reputation as the leader in supporting the multilingual needs of blind and low vision customers on a global scale.

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The Columbus Lang Advantage

Trusted for decades, Columbus Lang remains the premier resource for organizations wanting the highest quality Braille writing translation presented with unparalleled care, expertise, and support. When it comes to providing the services of accurate and professional Braille translators, Columbus Lang sets the standard that others strive to achieve. Our team has fine-tuned translation software to meet the strict demands of blind and low-vision clients around the globe. 

Braille is a complex tactile code, and even minor translation errors can compromise readability or understanding. Columbus Lang's Braille translators are rigorously tested to ensure flawless conversion of text into Grade 1 or Grade 2 Braille following all rules of punctuation, capitalization, and formatting. Such attention to detail guarantees our Braille writing translation for materials is one hundred percent reliable. 

Though Braille writing translation requires serious technology, Columbus Lang's software is remarkably user-friendly. Our Arabic Braille translators, Braille to English translators, or Braille translators in the 260+ languages we cover logically organize text upload, conversion settings, and embossing or printing functions for effortless navigation. 

We understand that different materials need Braille writing translation regardless of language. Columbus Lang has expert Braille translators covering major written languages into corresponding Braille including English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, and more, allowing users to seamlessly create multi-language texts.


Accessibility Solutions Next To Our Braille Writing Translation

By offering different types of advanced multilingual accessibility functions, Columbus Lang empowers organizations to reach diverse audiences and build truly inclusive digital experiences across borders. Here are some other key multilingual accessibility features that Columbus Lang provides beyond the expertise of Braille translators:

  • Audio Translation

Columbus Lang offers speech synthesis software that can read text or Braille out loud in different voices and languages, helping those who are blind or have low vision access content audibly.

  • Sign Language Translation

For deaf or hard-of-hearing users, Columbus Lang supports the translation of written content into various sign languages like ASL, allowing important information to be communicated visually through signing.

  • Alternate Text/Magnification

For users with low or fading vision, Columbus Lang solutions can analyze images and other visuals then generate detailed alternate text descriptions or allow electronic magnification.

  • Multilingual Learning Tools

Our software includes tools tailored for language education with features like flashcards, spelling helpers, and translation exercises that support many global tongues.

  • Character Recognition

OCR capabilities allow documents scanned in various languages to be recognized as text and made selectable, searchable, and translatable.

  • Global Support Network

As a global leader, Columbus Lang can assist clients in languages worldwide through local representatives, translators, and a multilingual user community.

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