The role of trans-creation service in helping the world and cultures to get connected with their audience


At the beginning; We would like to let you know the correct meaning of the Trans-creation service, it is the process of converting a meaning from one language into another to make it culturally clear for the audience. As you’ve noticed that the word is divided into two parts “Translation”; which means the changing of text into another different language, and “creation”; which is building something new.

Trans-creation service exists where literal translation may not be the best fit, for example; it can be used in advertising, brand campaigns, marketing materials and general brand management.

Although the presence of similarity between Translation and Trans-creation; they do have some differences as well. For example:

1- Trans-creation is the recreation in another language, taking in consideration the localization segments.

2- Translation service is to translate the message or language directly into the target language without fluency or cultural rules.

3- Trans-creation focuses on linguists and copywriters with fluency and native techniques.

Trans-creation checklist:

So if you are you planning to run an advertising campaign in different countries with many languages; you should follow the checklist of your trans-creation process:

Consider the key marketing message of the source text.

Reflect and decide the style of the source text.

Be creative as much as you can.

•Use the original text as a reference for the content of the target text.

Ensure that the target text reflects the original text.

Adapt the message to the local and cultural context.

Pay attention to terminology and keywords including the tone and the choice of expressions according to your target audience.

And Finally, now you can use trans-creation service to have more advanced options to your project not only translated but also have professional converting text to reach international market audience mindset.

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