Inspiring tips about SEO and how to improve it


In the beginning, we are going to define the meaning of SEO briefly as a quick review, it stands for Search Engine Optimization; this technique is used to increase the quality of the traffic of the website to help in ranking results and to attract visitors who are interested in products/services.

All businesses need to start to divide the keywords that they needed into two parts which are included and excluded from search.

Dividing the keywords into two parts is done so as to help them in having good results, determine their competitors and keep tracking them.

In addition to that, it helps in mentioning the major and minor products to show their main unique selling point and the main competitive advantage of their products to give the customer more details to make him understand well.

As well as, it helps in creating the customer segmentation (buyer persona) and market objectives, and then use online tools to help you in knowing your industry’s reputation.

So if you want to develop your SEO to help your website / online business you should know the below:

  • The same companies that are the closest and popular in your industry
  • Business goal
  • Competitors positioning
  • The updates and trends
  • Suitable colors for website
  • The speed of your website
  • Is it friendly mobile using or not
  • Must put social media bar on all pages to be aware of your platforms and keep connected
  • The purpose of written content
  • Know meta tags, description, and body content

Reach the organic traffic with only a few important steps to international markets.



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