Karen Translation

Karen Translation Services

Why Columbus Lang Karen Translation Services?

It is no shock to us that Karen is getting popular these days, not because we have many friends with the name Karen, but because the Karen language is getting acknowledged more as the days go by.  Karen language is spoken in Myanmar as their main language and also on the borders of Thailand. Karen language is made up of some dialects; the main ones are the S’gaw, which is the dominant dialect, the Western Pwo, and the Eastern Pwo Karen. Request a professional Karen Translation now!

What Can Columbus Lang Offer?

In case you require website translation, business arrangements, legal documents, medical reports, marketing or advertising content, technical reports, or even personal documents into or from Karen, We offer professional Karen translation services as our team of experts and Karen natives is around to serve! In order to guarantee effectiveness and precision, we chose to combine the finest Karen language translators with cutting-edge technologies with the help of our production team who monitor the projects that get sent their way from start to finish to ensure that they run with the smoothest possible way. But you may ask, what makes Columbus Lang better than any other agency that offers Karen language services? Columbus Lang’s final product is not to be compared with that of any other team, as we can guarantee a number of things, to name a few:

    • Efficiency: For starters, the project in hand will be localized by a native certified Karen translator in the area of expertise that is required. 
    • Accuracy: After the initial phase of translation of your project is over, it is sent to the second team of translators who are also specialists in the field to proofread and evaluate the project and finalize the end product with unrivaled quality.
    • Smoothness: Because our team is easily accessible and available 24 hours a day, every request received to Columbus Lang during the day is certain to be completed.
    • Thoroughness: We don’t just stop at translating and proofreading; we additionally send our projects to our quality assurance team for final processing since we don’t tolerate any kind of mistakes in delivery.
    • Promptness: You won’t have to worry when you email a request, a comment, or an update to Columbus Lang since our crew is accessible 24 hours a day, 5 days a week, and will address any and all queries you may have.


Karen into English or the Other Way Around; Columbus Lang is the Wise Choice for Karen Translation

We know for a fact that you will probably need your Karen document to be translated into English or your English document to be translated into Karen since the English language is commonly and widely spoken all over the world. People want to receive content that connects with them and talks to them on a personal level in their own language. With three dialects of the Karen language, you will require the assistance of an established name with proven efficiency who can accurately classify your intended audience and interact with them in the appropriate Karen language or who can convey the Karen content to them in a way they are able to easily comprehend.

And we are here to let you know that your hunt for that reliable partner that will be your main go-to for all Karen language translation services is finally over, for Columbus Lang just saved the day. Get accurate Karen translation services now!

It Doesn’t Stop with Translation Only!

Our services are surely not limited to translation only for the Karen language. There is a variety of other services that we can surely assist with when it comes to the Karen language translation such as:

Karen Language Interpretation: We offer all kinds of interpretation services when it comes to the Karen Language. Whether you want consecutive, simultaneous, over-the-phone, or any other kind, this is where you should be looking.

Karen Language Website Localization: We take pride in offering our in-house localization engineering teams who are more than capable of providing a top-tier website that is localized with the targeted language.

Karen Language Desktop Publishing: Our in-house desktop publishing team are well-aware of the most used application in the market and can provide their DTP services in various applications including Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, FrameMaker, PDF, Madcap Flare, and a whole lot more where that came from.

Our services are extended to a lot more than those mentioned above; just reach out and we will assist in any way you might require.

Columbus Lang, Here to Connect You with Your Audience

Whether the project you have is small or large, easy or complex, and no matter what field you are in search of, we can take care of it for you in a way that is second to none. Columbus Lang’s main aim is to be the main leading Karen language services provider in the localization industry and we are almost there so your project will be an addition to us, not only a job to get done and add to the pile. All you have to do now is to get your quote, let us take the lead, and witness us make miracles happen! 


Fon Translation

Fon Translation

Columbus Lang, The Place Where Your Fon Translations Requests Are Fulfilled!

The search for expert Fon language translators is finished since Columbus Lang’s staff has what it takes to manage all of your Fon language demands with all of the necessary services in manners that are more professional than conception. Fon is spoken mainly in Benin by over 1.7 million people who sometimes call it Fongbe, in that context, “gbe” means language. Getting your Fon translation done has never been easier than with Columbus Lang; with the simple press on your mouse, you’ll receive our free quote, along with our best turnaround time based on the volume of the document.

Top-tier Fon Translators at Your Service

Our Fon team is something else. Providing more than 10 services in regards to the Fon language, they are considered the top-rated Fon translators there are. Columbus Lang’s Fon language services contain but are not limited to:

  1. Fon translating, editing, and proofreading (TEP): with 3 different linguists for each phase.
  2. Fon Machine Translation Post Editing (MTPE).
  3. Fon Interpretation: with its various types such as live interpretation, consecutive interpretations, etc.
  4. Fon Transcreation: with two phases, one is with our creative team, and the other is with our proofreaders.
  5. Fon Desktop Publishing (DTP): with our dedicated in-house team.
  6. Fon Transcription: with our Fon transcribers and proofreaders.
  7. Fon Voice-over: with your choice of quality, studio or non-studio.
  8. Fon Website Localization
  9. Fon Subtitling
  10. Fon E-learning Translation
  11. Fon Linguistic Validation

Our various services cannot be compared to those of any other localization partner in the industry, with proven unsurpassed results, Columbus Lang has risen in the previous months to be your first and only choice in taking care of any service in Fon language.

Guess Who Is on The Ball in All the Fields There Are? It’s Totally the Era of Columbus Lang!

Despite how hard the field of your Fon document may seem; Columbus Lang has got all fields covered as right as rain. Here is a small list of the field we take pride in handling:

  1. Legal Fon Translation: The field of legal translation is a unique field that necessitates a thorough understanding of the common law and all of its sub-fields. Columbus Lang offers precise legal translation services at all phases of the legal process, both locally and internationally.
  2. Medical Fon Translation: Our Fon skilled translators are aware of the cruciality of medical information being translated and used correctly. Our team of translators is backed up by our teams of editors and both teams are well-versed in the target language’s vocabulary and structural complexity, thanks to their degrees in all things medical, as well as their years of industry experience.
  3. Marketing Fon Translation: Marketing experts are always needed these days in order to help the public understand your brand’s message in this newly digital-led world. Columbus Lang’s marketing translators are your ticket to being successful and heard in your advertising trials.

We are also at the top of the game in the field of e-commerce, tech and IT, life sciences, gaming, and e-learning, and there are many where that came from. When it comes to what we have expertise in, the list could go on forever and we believe that it is better to show than to tell; so why don’t you hit us up so we can send you our quote and get started?

Fon to English or English to Fon? Either Way, We Got You!

There is not a bit of doubt that English is the most asked-for target and source language in the market, and the case is not so different when it comes to the Fon language. Since we know the importance of wanting to convey a certain message in a language that you’re not familiar with, so we took it upon ourselves to be the sole providers of any and every Fon to English request or the other way around. We understand how frustrating it can get to be reading a document you cannot get, so all you have to do to alleviate your concerns is to hit us up and say hello to a document of the target language of your choosing.

At Columbus Lang, we are firm believers in the fact that creating quality work for our business partners is the ultimate method to protect our business’s reputation and image and our customer satisfaction is what keeps us going; hence, you have no excuse not to request a customized quotation right away!


Dioula Translation

Dioula Translation

What Is Dioula Translation and When Does It Come in Handy?

Dioula is an African language, which is spoken by a huge number of individuals as their first or second language, and it is mainly spoken in Burkina Faso, Mali, and Ivory Coast. That takes care of the “what”; as for the “when,” it’s safe to claim that the Dioula language is unquestionably the most widely spoken business language in West Africa. If you are in search of a professional Dioula translation service, then you must blindly choose Columbus Lang. We solely provide Dioula language translation into the target language of your choosing; we can either translate from Dioula directly into your preferred target language or indirectly by Dioula language translation into English and from English into the chosen target language. At all events, our Dioula language translation services are operated by our natives translators, which ensures the highest quality of the end product.

Why Should You Bring Your Dioula Translation to Columbus Lang?

At Columbus Lang, we take pride in assisting our business partners in any way they require. We are available 24 hours a day, five days a week to assist our partners with Dioula language translation, whether it is the target or source language. Your Dioula translation needs, large or small, will be met by Dioula natives who specialize in translating a wide range of documents. We can expertly translate any Dioula website, which is something you most certainly must do since it is a minimal value and an incredibly simple means to develop your corporation! Columbus Lang can meet all of your Dioula language requirements and services; you just say the word and let us take the lead.

Dioula vs. Bambara: Is There a Difference?

It is no secret to anyone who has knowledge of the Dioula language and the Bambara language, which is spoken mainly in Mali, that both languages are similar in so many ways; they could almost be recognized as two dialects of the same language. However, at Columbus Lang, we have two separate teams for these languages as we treat them as two different languages, in order to ensure that your end product is finished accurately with no omissions. The difference between the Dioula language phrases and the Bambara language phrases can be compared to the differences between the British English and the American English, which is why we did not want to take any chances or risks, and we have hired professional Dioula language translators, who are natives, and we also hired Bambara language translators, who are natives as well, as to not mix both languages up.

So, if you are looking to get your document translated into Dioula, you do not have to think twice about contacting us. And to make sure we are up for the challenge, we can easily take a Dioula language translation test of your choosing, with up to 250 words to translate, on the house! This way, you will have no choice but to pass any Dioula language translations to Columbus Lang so that we can take care of them from A to Z.

How Does it Work at Columbus Lang?

  1. Project analysis in regards of the word count, field, deadline,  rate setting, and agreement.
  2. Team setting and booking.
  3. File preparation along with the creation of a special glossary and TM.
  4. Translation with a team specialized in the required field.
  5. Reviewing and proofreading the translated project by a second specialized team.
  6. Final quality assurance process.
  7. Final delivery of a file free of errors.

Types of Dioula Language Services:

Columbus Lang, as a translation company with extensive expertise, can provide a wide range of Dioula translation services from Dioula to and from practically any language, including the following:

Dioula Document Translation

Dioula Interpretation: Simultaneous and Consecutive

Dioula Linguistic Validation

Dioula Transcription

Dioula Typesetting and DTP

Dioula Voice-over and Subtitling

Dioula Multicultural Marketing

Dioula E-learning Translation

Are Your Dioula Language Translations Weighing You Down? Hit Us Up!

Columbus Lang, the core provider of the Dioula language translation services, is offering you the opportunity to not let the Dioula language be added to the list of your burdens! Instead, you can just send it our way and let us ease your worries away. We have Dioula language natives who are up to the challenge of translating all types of documents in all fields; whether they are medical, industrial, governmental, legal, architectural, business, marketing, e-commerce, and the list goes on and on! Our Dioula language translations are provided by our main Dioula native team with extensive and vast experience and specialization in their fields.

They have been thoroughly examined in order to meet our expectations, and they have set the standards so high for any Dioula translator. Columbus Lang, without a doubt, will deliver your requested document in the agreed-upon format and always according to schedule, if not with some time to spare! 


Interpretation Services

Interpertation Services

Professional Interpreting Services: A Revolution in Communication

Professional interpreting services are a kind of verbal translation conveyed by a professional interpreter through an immediate translation of the spoken language into the audience’s preferred or chosen language. For instance, the United Nations’ meetings solely rely on the interpretation of the spoken language in order to transmit the message that is being spoken to the entire audience, who are undoubtedly from all around the world and who speak hundreds of different languages. 

Why Columbus Lang When it Comes to Professional Interpreting Services?

Columbus Lang’s team has a number of interpreters with a variety of backgrounds that meet all of the needed qualifications to become a professional interpreter. A linguistic university degree with a comprehensive and clear understanding of both the source and the target language is the least of what we expect when we hire our interpreters. Additionally, we let our applicants go through challenging assessments that detect their accuracy and compatibility to become a part of our team of interpreters that provide accurate interpreting services.

Interpretations Types Based on the Business Need to Get Professional Interpreting Services

Just like the written translation; interpretation also has various types that differ from each other.

  • Simultaneous Interpretation: This is the first type and is the most common one; it can also be called the live interpreting service. This type of interpretation service occurs live, while the speech is being spoken, usually, the delay between the speech and its live interpretation is about twenty to thirty seconds. In some cases, the recipients of the interpretation wear headphones so they can directly hear the interpreted words without outer noise or interruptions and this is the type that is used in the United Nations’ meetings.
  • Consecutive Interpretation: This is the second type in which the speaker talks for a few minutes then they take a pause to allow the interpreter to translate and convey their verbal message. This type allows many parties to communicate which makes it a popular method of professional interpreting services in legal and formal meetings. It can be in person, or over the phone, as long as the speaker can deliver their message to the interpreter; it doesn’t matter where the interpretation process takes place.
  • Over the Phone Interpretation: In the US and some other countries, the national authorities frequently deploy interpretation over the phone in cases concerning healthcare or environmental considerations. There are some other types of interpretation services that are used all around the world, but these are the ones that are most demanded to ensure the most accurate interpreting services.

Columbus Langs’ Live Interpreter is The Go-to Option for Your Next Meeting!

At Columbus Lang, we are well aware of the fact that the service of professional and accurate interpretation entails a whole lot more than merely translating a few words from one language into the other. Our live interpreters are experts when it comes to cultural variances as well as the many dialects of each language which ensures that the message that is being interpreted is clearly understood. Live interpretation is a service that is not something that any interpreter can do; however, it is a difficult task that necessitates the use of a specialized live interpreter.

A live interpreter’s competence differs from those required for consecutive interpretation; this is your sign to collaborate with a language services provider who can ensure successful live interpretation services.A successful and specialized live interpreter is highly competent and qualified and can surely be found at Columbus Lang, along with the special and specific technical devices that must be used to provide an A-class accurate interpreting services. Request live interpreter now!

Translation vs. Interpretation: What's the Difference?

Despite the vivid resemblance between interpreters and translators, interpretation and translation need separate core capabilities. However, the gap between both professional translation and accurate interpreting services is frequently misunderstood. The significant contrast between the professional interpreting services and translation services, on a broad scale, is that auditory translations are handled by interpreters, whereas textual translations are undertaken via translators.

  • On the subject of translation and linguistic abilities, translators must be capable of reading, absorbing, and producing in the language that is targeted. 
  • On the other hand, interpreters must have the core knowledge of how to manage their mental abilities in order to produce material considerably faster, and sometimes on the spot, with access that is close to nothing to any immediate outer guidance.

Adding to the list a bunch of other differences between the two services; one of which is that interpreted context is supposed to be supplied right away; while the translated document does not have to be delivered on spot. Furthermore, the accuracy result of the interpretation cannot be a 100% since it happens instantly without any modifications or corrections, just as long as the message is unchanged and comprehended, yet the translation accuracy is a guaranteed 100% at Columbus Lang because we take our time to produce a perfectly revised content that goes beyond the bounds of expectations.

When in Doubt, Reach Columbus Lang Out!

In spite of all the stated differences between professional translation and interpretation services, each receives Columbus Lang’s undivided attention. We strive to be at the forefront of our industry in terms of the services we provide, and we have the numbers to back up those claims. Still on the fence about who you should engage as your dedicated interpreter or translator? If you contact us, we’ll be your only and comprehensive guide through it all! Get a Free Quote Professional Interpreting Services.

aerial-view-dubai-city-from-top-tower (1)

Modern standard arabic translator

Modern standard Arabic translator

Differentiating between Egyptian Arabic and Modern Standard Arabic Translator: Is It That Big of a Deal?

It is not a trivial fact that the Arabic language is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, with over 420 million native speakers and about 28 countries using it as their first language. This eventually leads to the development of several Arabic dialects over time and it is plausible to estimate that around 25 Arabic dialects are spoken worldwide, which is not a light number in any way. However, the most used one is the Modern Standard Arabic, as it is generally shared and used amongst a huge variety of Arabic speakers all around the globe.

Adding the Egyptian Arabic to the list of the most used Arabic dialects, as it is somehow close to the Modern Standard Arabic and is also well-understood amongst the Arabic speakers. In addition to that, Egypt is actually the country with the most Arabic speakers with over 100 million people communicating in Egyptian Arabic. Many movies, plays, and songs feature the Egyptian Arabic dialect, and some authors incorporate it in their writings as well.

Arabic Content Localization: What to Expect from Columbus Lang in That Area?

Because Arabic is a widely spoken language, it is frequently requested as a target language for large projects.  Arabic content localization is critical since Arabic is the most widely spoken language and it is also amongst the official languages of the United Nations in addition to it being the primary and first language of about 28 countries throughout the world.

For all those reasons and some more, Arabic content localization is a field by itself in the localization industry. That’s why, at Columbus Lang, we have managed to assemble and dedicate an entire team of Arabs who are solely and completely focused on Arabic content localization and who have also been through numerous testing phases to ensure that they completely understand the difference between all of the Arabic dialects in order to accurately finish the content localization jobs they got assigned to with the intended dialect without any mix-ups with any of the other Arabic dialects. For these reasons and a bit more, you cannot be in doubt when sending any Arabic content localization project to Columbus Lang and their Arab team.

Modern Standard Arabic: The Leading Arabic Dialect

At Columbus Lang, when we receive an Arabic content localization request with no specified dialect, we always make sure with our clients that they do not want any specific dialect first, and then we always go for the Modern Standard Arabic content localization. Modern Standard Arabic is our preferred option because we are well aware of the fact that it is understood and used by most of the Arabic speakers; additionally, it is also taught in universities in a variety of majors and it is used in numerous other means of important communication. Columbus Lang’s Modern Standard Arabic translators are linguistically experts in localizing the content perfectly to match the Modern Standard Arabic content localization requirements.

A Modern Standard Arabic translator obtains a greater grasp than any other Arabic translator of the origins of any other Arabic dialect since the Modern Standard Arabic acts as a core of the Arabic language which makes it the leading dialect amongst all Arabic dialects. On the other hand, other dialects’ translators will not be of the same knowledge of other dialects as a Modern Standard Arabic translator, for their knowledge will be limited to the dialect they specialize in.

The Biggest Request of Them All: English to Egyptian Arabic Translation

One of the most frequent and common requests we consistently receive at Columbus Lang is English as the source language and Egyptian Arabic as the target language. English to Egyptian Arabic translation is one of the easiest tasks we receive yet one of the most significant ones, for it has got big volumes and it requires attention to the details that are incomparable. Our team is well aware of the difference between the Modern Standard Arabic and the Egyptian Arabic and they have also been through tests differentiating both dialects and they are willing to go through additional examinations to demonstrate their efficiency to handle any English to Egyptian Arabic translation projects. And as stated before, we have chosen a team of Arabs that is linguistically aware and apprehensive of the grammatical, structural, and cultural variations that exist across all of the Arabic dialects, but especially the Modern Standard Arabic versus the Egyptian Arabic.

It is rather convenient that if you are looking for a trusted partner whose team is of enormous knowledge of Egyptian Arabic that you choose Columbus Lang to handle any and all English to Egyptian Arabic translations that you have in hand. We go through many quality assurance phases after the translation, editing, and proofreading of the translation is done so that you would not find any slight mistranslated in the final delivery of your project.

This Is the Final Step Where You Just Have to Get in Touch with Columbus Lang

To sum it up, Columbus Lang is proposing to be your primary business partner for any English into Arabic projects in any Arabic dialect of your choice without any limitations of any kind. Columbus Lang’s team of Arabs is delighted to be working with you and looks forward to providing you with high-quality English into Arabic translation services. With excellent results and numerous passed tests and completed projects, you should not hesitate to contact us and get your quote right about now!


How to translate legal documents


Legal Document Translation: Let’s Dig Deep into What It is All About!

The vitality of legal document translation is no joke, and it is to be taken to a level of seriousness that is a cut above the rest. Legal document translation is one of the most sought types of translation for its meticulous attention to the smallest of details. For this reason, what must be sought while searching for a way to translate legal documents is licensed and legal translators that are at the top of their game in this special sector, which is exactly what Columbus Lang is proudly offering. Precision is essential in the legal documents’ translation, for a single mistranslation may be the cause of some serious repercussions to their seeker.

As a result, it is rather vital that you work with a high-quality legal translator whose work has been demonstrated to be efficient and whose native language is the language that is required as a target language. That being said, when asking for legal translation services from yours truly, you can rest assured that your legal documents are being taken care of by someone who is a field expert that will not mess them up.

How Much Does It Cost to Translate a Legal Document Properly Without a Single Slip-up

Because legal document translation entails so many processes and phases, it’s no surprise that people who need it often question how much does it cost to translate a legal document. Well, look no further, for the answer to all your questions will be surely acknowledged. In actuality, the cost is determined by many factors and it certainly is not a solid cost that applies to any legal document that requires to be translated.

The price to legitimately get a legal document translated is determined by the source language, target language, translation tool used, turnaround time, and, most crucially, the number of words. These factors will be the main determinator of how much will it cost to have your legal document completed and translated and one thing you need to make sure of is that the translator that will be handling your legal document is a legal specialized translator to ensure the accuracy and the proficiency of the document, which is something that you will never have to worry about at Columbus Lang since all of our legal translators are recognized as top-ranking in their field.

Those who are seeking to provide legal document translation must meet certain requirements if they are not law graduates. They must be well-educated and detail-oriented to be able and capable of providing reliable legal documents and their degree should ideally be in an area that is connected to the field of linguistics or the law field in order to be aware of the legal terminology that is to be used while translating such legal documents. That is why we do not take it lightly at Columbus Lang when we go through the process of hiring specialized legal translators that are without a doubt the finest in the business and meet all of our specified requirements.

Wondering Where You Can Get Certified Legal Translation Services? The Answer is Simple: Columbus Lang!

One of the main sub-fields of legal document translation is certified legal translations. Such translations need to be certified if you are in need of translating some of the legal documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, national IDs, passports, and a whole lot of other documents that need to get certified legal translation services and approved when they are translated in order to be considered when using.

Such certified documents will need the service of a professional translation agency that is capable of getting the best certified legal translation services done in order to ensure that the document is not useless without being certified and to ensure the consistency and accuracy of the translation and the certifying process. All of Columbus Lang’s certified legal translation services are put through a number of rigorous quality assurance processes by our expert legal translators to ensure that they are legitimate and meet all of the necessary approved criteria and standards.

Not Any Translator Can Translate Legal Documents. So, What Does It Take to Be a Legal Translator?

The translators of the field of legal document translation get licensed according to specific requirements subordinate to their respective countries. Some countries require that legal translators are considered only if they are law graduates, in other countries, a legal translator is to be considered when they are certified by the government only. In spite of all of that, what is most important is providing a proper translation of the legal documents for the sake of the avoidance of any legal lawsuits or disputes that may arise when dealing with legal papers and documents.

To eliminate even the tiniest bit of misconception, the legal translator must not only be proficient in both the source and the target language involved in the legal document that’s being translated, but they also must be of deep knowledge and understanding of the required legal terminology that makes an accurate legal document translation.


When it Comes To The Legal Field, Where Does Columbus Lang Stand?

Here at Columbus Lang, we choose our legal translators carefully and thoroughly in order to avoid any occurrences that may take place in the process, and one way to ensure that our team is on the right track of legal documents translations is when let them go through a language test that is law-related and the correction process of the test is also very profound and precise to secure that the legal document is unfettered of any mistranslations or wrongdoings. We do not stop only at legal document translation, but we also provide a variety of services such as transcription, voice-over, desktop publishing, interpretation, and a whole lot more.

Along with that, the languages that we can provide are a lot more than the imagination could grasp. With English as the source, we can provide up to 160 languages to be legally translated and vice versa. In addition to that, we can work with many other source languages which means you have no excuse or choice but to hit us up!

Columbus Lang: A Company That Is Your Trustworthy Legal Team When It Comes to Translation

Concluding all of that by assuring that legal document translation is not that easy of a task without a knowledgeable legal translator that is aware and is in active practice of offering the legal translation services. And for such translators, focusing on the legal field must be considered a challenge and also an amazing opportunity, for they must be able to interpret the material presented to them in a way that cannot be legally misguided or off-target to ensure the avoidance of any unintended negative outcomes.

Thus, at Columbus Lang, we have carefully chosen and intensively tested just the right candidates to fulfill the role of being a part of our legal translators with all of its subfields and all of its language pairs combinations and we can proudly declare that their outcomes speak for themselves. So right about now you should be contacting our team to get your quote and start our legal document translation process instantly.


Medical Terminology Translation


Medical Terminology Translation: As Important As a Medical Subscription!

When targeting an audience, it is very important to know the type of terminology we shall use and find a way to let the receiver comprehend what we are trying to deliver. Medical Terminology Translation is not that easy of a task, for it has got to be in a way that will surely get into the mind of the receiver, which in this case is the patient. The field of Medical Terminology Translation is one that requires a lot of work and dedication, as its comprehension lies in the hand of its translator and its effect goes to the patient who could be from any country speaking any language.

As a result, improving the Medical Terminology Translation through a professional and a high-skilled medical interpreter is critical in order to assist the medics in providing the best possible service to the patients and that is when you are supposed to contact medical translation agency like our agency Columbus Lang,  to get you through your request and consider them as your medical interpreter and advisor.

Medical Terminology Translation: As Important As Real Medics

Due to the endless time that the researchers spent on improving and remodeling the Medical Terminology Translations, it has shown a significant increase in value over the past couple of years. It now has better medical interpreters, better translation tools, better translation memories, and even better, it now has its own medical translation agencies, which are wholly and completely dedicated to this service and are always keen to deliver the best quality possible.

We at Columbus Lang take pride in considering ourselves and our services as the most significant in such a field you might as well consider us at the top of the list when it comes to choosing a well-trusted medical translation agency.

Although there are some tools now that are dedicated to this field alone, still, the better way and the most accurate one is through human translation done by a medical interpreter that proves the quality is top-notch which is the final result all patients are aiming for since their health depends on it. Because it is not that small of a deal, the translators surely must be field experts and not only general translators, for this is a situation that is considered a high priority to the patient who is receiving the medical reports so the outcome of the medical terminology translation must be nothing less than 100% accurate and straightforward.

That is why, at Columbus Lang, we take pride in considering ourselves a medical translation agency, among other fields that we specialize in as well, as we pick our medical interpreters thoroughly and carefully because we know that there is no space for errors because of the fatality of the field in question.

Columbus Lang and Their Aim to be Your Expert Medical Interpreters

Although some may find it a bit too much to form a medical translation agency with medical interpreters that are thoroughly committed to the field of Medical Terminology Translation, it is actually some of the most critical fields that deserve its own team of experts due to its cruciality. The most challenging thing such a medical translation agency can face is hiring a medical interpreter that is an expert in his field of work and whose outcomes speak volumes of themselves. Since most patients will not be on track with the medical terminology presented to them, finding someone who can be elaborative on such medical terminology will be the most complex challenge yet.

Once found, the medical interpreter’s job will not be only to localize the medical terminology, but also solely focuses on providing a comprehensive and clear description of the medical reports to their recipients. For that reason, the terminology used by the medical interpreter must be simple and the structure of such medical articles and reports must be somewhat uncomplicated and to the point. Choosing the right medical interpreter that is able to keep up with the field and the terminology presented right in front of them may be a task that is not as easy as it may seem, but to us, it is a piece of cake. So how about you hit us up and let us hire the top-class medical interpreters there ever will be?

A Medical Translation Agency, But a Whole Lot More!

Since we at Columbus Lang, consider ourselves a premium medical translation agency, our specialties are not limited to translation only. Columbus Lang also provides medical interpretation, medical transcription, medical voice-over, and many more services related to the medical field. Additionally, the language pairs that we can support with are unlimited, as we can translate from English into about 120 languages and the other way around as well. As a medical terminology translation, We can also support with other language combinations. In other words, our services and variety of language pairs will cover all and each one of your medical localization needs.

The Cruciality of Making a Mistake in the Medical Field is Not to Be Taken Slightly

The medical terminology translation will be of benefit to the field experts who are the medical interpreters in assuring the accuracy of the medical reports. It is surely undeniable that the translation of automatic software and tools can be way quicker and easier in getting the job done. Still, the end result will not be as coherent as a medical interpreter will develop it to be. Such tools may go wrong and translate or structure the report incorrectly, and in that case, even if it’s the tiniest bit of error, any slight inconsistency will lead to disastrous consequences because it does not only change the meaning of the medical report, it also leads to wrong and inaccurate medical diagnosis which will surely lead to inaccurate medications usage which is fatal to a patient’s health and life.

Choose your Medical Interpterter Wisely

The previous examples show the importance of choosing the right medical interpreter to be in charge of the medical terminology translation and to consider it as a vital role that people’s lives depend on, not just another task at hand that needs to be done immediately and carelessly taken care of. Needless to say, any incorrect dosage of any medication might have catastrophic outcomes for patients that might turn out to be life-threatening.

For that reason, any medical institution must be of knowledge that the medical terminology translation is to be done by professional medical interpreters. A qualified medical interpreter has to consider himself a part of the medical team with an aim to save the patient’s life. 


Columbus Lang, A Localization Company with Its Own Medical Team

Some may find it hard to believe that localization can be a crucial means of saving people’s lives, but they just do not realize the importance of medical translation terminology, which we, at Columbus Lang, do not take lightly in any way or form, and the importance of getting it just right in order to prevent any disastrous and dangerous outcomes.

Medical interpreters nowadays have become as important as doctors which proves the point that localization does not only depend on translating sentences into different languages, but in some cases, it can be a method of treatment for patients which can lead to improving their health on a small scale and to saving their lives on a bigger scale. And in hopes of a safe recovery and accurate diagnosis, we advise that you contact us and let us be a reason behind the speedy recovery!


Inspiring tips about SEO and how to improve it


In the beginning, we are going to define the meaning of SEO briefly as a quick review, it stands for Search Engine Optimization; this technique is used to increase the quality of the traffic of the website to help in ranking results and to attract visitors who are interested in products/services.

All businesses need to start to divide the keywords that they needed into two parts which are included and excluded from search.

Dividing the keywords into two parts is done so as to help them in having good results, determine their competitors and keep tracking them.

In addition to that, it helps in mentioning the major and minor products to show their main unique selling point and the main competitive advantage of their products to give the customer more details to make him understand well.

As well as, it helps in creating the customer segmentation (buyer persona) and market objectives, and then use online tools to help you in knowing your industry’s reputation.

So if you want to develop your SEO to help your website / online business you should know the below:

  • The same companies that are the closest and popular in your industry
  • Business goal
  • Competitors positioning
  • The updates and trends
  • Suitable colors for website
  • The speed of your website
  • Is it friendly mobile using or not
  • Must put social media bar on all pages to be aware of your platforms and keep connected
  • The purpose of written content
  • Know meta tags, description, and body content

Reach the organic traffic with only a few important steps to international markets.




How to choose the right Language Service Provider?


Companies of all sizes who are seeking global reach, home countries are no longer a limit.

Globalization and internet create more ambitious human versions that can cross the globe with the product and the service that they offer.

so, what is the key for a global reach? Yes, you are right. The key is definitely the languages.

Adapting the product or the service that you offer to global markets is becoming an integral part of any marketing strategy violating all the language and cultural difference. Here is where translation or language service providers are being the game controller.

How do you choose the language service provider?

Evidently, there is limitless number of options that you can choose from but don’t be tricked as the choice will never be that easy for you.

There are some factors that you must consider when you are choosing your translation and localization service provider:

1. Language Options

Well, roughly 6,500 languages are spoken in the world today. You must ask, what languages will you need form The global language list?

This question is a fundamental one as it helps you determine the translation and localization service provider that fits your needs. As there are companies service only European languages and others offering African languages and there are companies who can support you with 150+ languages like Columbus Company.

2. Quality

Evidently, quality is one of the fundamental factors upon which your choice should be directed. To insure the quality and the accuracy of work of your language service provider will depend on the following questions:

  • How their translators are trained?
  • What is the qualifications that their translators have?
  • How they deal with clients complains?
  •  Do they offer editing or proofreading phases to their translations or not?
  • How they supervise the quality and accuracy of the translation?

3. Technical capabilities

Without doubt, the translation and localization work is no more related only to the human translation as there are new technologies such as Computer-assisted translation applied in the translation process that can make it more accurate and professional.

Thus, you must choose a translation service provider who applies modern technologies and who are always up to date with their technologies and coping up with the market. They must be using translation management tool that makes it easy for you to be in touch and track the status of your work.

4-Operational Security and Reliability

The security of your work is surely a sensitive factor that you must shed all the lights on it.

The language service provider must have fixed security policies to insure that your data and information are protected and safe.

5- Pricing

Your budget may be one of the main factors that can affect your choice. Quality and pricing may be somehow related to each other as you get what you pay for, so do not ever be deceived by the lowest price offered as this may lead to a very bad quality content.

6- Deadlines

Fast turnaround time is an everlasting dream for any client, so choosing a translation and localization service provider that will definitely be a bounce.

You must confirm your volumes of work and its frequency. Are you going to be translating content once a month? Once a week? To have an overview about how your will be performed and submitted

On the other hand, deadlines are related to quality, so make sure that you put a suitable deadline that can fit both sides.

Evidently, the market is full with competing translation and localization services providers, so choosing the best will never be that easy.

With Columbus Company make sure that you will meet your perfect translation fit that will never leave a room for errors.


The role of trans-creation service in helping the world and cultures to get connected with their audience


At the beginning; We would like to let you know the correct meaning of the Trans-creation service, it is the process of converting a meaning from one language into another to make it culturally clear for the audience. As you’ve noticed that the word is divided into two parts “Translation”; which means the changing of text into another different language, and “creation”; which is building something new.

Trans-creation service exists where literal translation may not be the best fit, for example; it can be used in advertising, brand campaigns, marketing materials and general brand management.

Although the presence of similarity between Translation and Trans-creation; they do have some differences as well. For example:

1- Trans-creation is the recreation in another language, taking in consideration the localization segments.

2- Translation service is to translate the message or language directly into the target language without fluency or cultural rules.

3- Trans-creation focuses on linguists and copywriters with fluency and native techniques.

Trans-creation checklist:

So if you are you planning to run an advertising campaign in different countries with many languages; you should follow the checklist of your trans-creation process:

Consider the key marketing message of the source text.

Reflect and decide the style of the source text.

Be creative as much as you can.

•Use the original text as a reference for the content of the target text.

Ensure that the target text reflects the original text.

Adapt the message to the local and cultural context.

Pay attention to terminology and keywords including the tone and the choice of expressions according to your target audience.

And Finally, now you can use trans-creation service to have more advanced options to your project not only translated but also have professional converting text to reach international market audience mindset.