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Professional Interpreting Services: A Revolution in Communication

Professional interpreting services are a kind of verbal translation conveyed by a professional interpreter through an immediate translation of the spoken language into the audience’s preferred or chosen language. For instance, the United Nations’ meetings solely rely on the interpretation of the spoken language in order to transmit the message that is being spoken to the entire audience, who are undoubtedly from all around the world and who speak hundreds of different languages. 

Why Columbus Lang When it Comes to Professional Interpreting Services?

Columbus Lang’s team has a number of interpreters with a variety of backgrounds that meet all of the needed qualifications to become a professional interpreter. A linguistic university degree with a comprehensive and clear understanding of both the source and the target language is the least of what we expect when we hire our interpreters. Additionally, we let our applicants go through challenging assessments that detect their accuracy and compatibility to become a part of our team of interpreters that provide accurate interpreting services.

Interpretations Types Based on the Business Need to Get Professional Interpreting Services

Just like the written translation; interpretation also has various types that differ from each other.

  • Simultaneous Interpretation: This is the first type and is the most common one; it can also be called the live interpreting service. This type of interpretation service occurs live, while the speech is being spoken, usually, the delay between the speech and its live interpretation is about twenty to thirty seconds. In some cases, the recipients of the interpretation wear headphones so they can directly hear the interpreted words without outer noise or interruptions and this is the type that is used in the United Nations’ meetings.
  • Consecutive Interpretation: This is the second type in which the speaker talks for a few minutes then they take a pause to allow the interpreter to translate and convey their verbal message. This type allows many parties to communicate which makes it a popular method of professional interpreting services in legal and formal meetings. It can be in person, or over the phone, as long as the speaker can deliver their message to the interpreter; it doesn’t matter where the interpretation process takes place.
  • Over the Phone Interpretation: In the US and some other countries, the national authorities frequently deploy interpretation over the phone in cases concerning healthcare or environmental considerations. There are some other types of interpretation services that are used all around the world, but these are the ones that are most demanded to ensure the most accurate interpreting services.

Columbus Langs’ Live Interpreter is The Go-to Option for Your Next Meeting!

At Columbus Lang, we are well aware of the fact that the service of professional and accurate interpretation entails a whole lot more than merely translating a few words from one language into the other. Our live interpreters are experts when it comes to cultural variances as well as the many dialects of each language which ensures that the message that is being interpreted is clearly understood. Live interpretation is a service that is not something that any interpreter can do; however, it is a difficult task that necessitates the use of a specialized live interpreter.

A live interpreter’s competence differs from those required for consecutive interpretation; this is your sign to collaborate with a language services provider who can ensure successful live interpretation services.A successful and specialized live interpreter is highly competent and qualified and can surely be found at Columbus Lang, along with the special and specific technical devices that must be used to provide an A-class accurate interpreting services. Request live interpreter now!

Translation vs. Interpretation: What's the Difference?

Despite the vivid resemblance between interpreters and translators, interpretation and translation need separate core capabilities. However, the gap between both professional translation and accurate interpreting services is frequently misunderstood. The significant contrast between the professional interpreting services and translation services, on a broad scale, is that auditory translations are handled by interpreters, whereas textual translations are undertaken via translators.

  • On the subject of translation and linguistic abilities, translators must be capable of reading, absorbing, and producing in the language that is targeted. 
  • On the other hand, interpreters must have the core knowledge of how to manage their mental abilities in order to produce material considerably faster, and sometimes on the spot, with access that is close to nothing to any immediate outer guidance.

Adding to the list a bunch of other differences between the two services; one of which is that interpreted context is supposed to be supplied right away; while the translated document does not have to be delivered on spot. Furthermore, the accuracy result of the interpretation cannot be a 100% since it happens instantly without any modifications or corrections, just as long as the message is unchanged and comprehended, yet the translation accuracy is a guaranteed 100% at Columbus Lang because we take our time to produce a perfectly revised content that goes beyond the bounds of expectations.

When in Doubt, Reach Columbus Lang Out!

In spite of all the stated differences between professional translation and interpretation services, each receives Columbus Lang’s undivided attention. We strive to be at the forefront of our industry in terms of the services we provide, and we have the numbers to back up those claims. Still on the fence about who you should engage as your dedicated interpreter or translator? If you contact us, we’ll be your only and comprehensive guide through it all! Get a Free Quote Professional Interpreting Services.

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