Tips For Translators Seeking Optimum Quality of Translation


Translators should follow better ways to reach the optimum quality of translationQuality in translation and localization means the good impact on the reader to make him satisfied with the translated article. In other words, it comes from accuracy, effectiveness and appropriation.

Levels of translation quality can be described in:

  • Raw translation
  • Normal quality translation
  • Extra-quality translation
  • Adaptation of original text

Raw translation means the probability presence of grammatical errors and misspellings, but the text has to be understandable.

Normal quality translation means that the original text is fully translated and grammatically correct and reasonably fluent.

Extra-quality translation associated completely to the cultural context of the target language. This could be a piece of literature.

Adaptation of original text is not actually the direct translation of text but the production of new text based on foreign language original that should be fluent.

Important tips for translators and translation companies to provide quality translation:

  •  Understand the client’s project by asking questions about the received brief/ document to know his needs.
  • Read the original document very well to understand content, context, purpose, and know the target audience.
  • Highlight the difficult parts in brief and search on them in original document and then write a draft or headlines for translating.
  • Revise and match the content to the original.
  • Look at the translation from the reader perspective and make sure that he will understand it by his own as he didn’t know the original one. It makes the text and message sounds organized.
  • After all, read it again to avoid typographical errors.
  • Ask for third-party review to double check the translation for any overlooked mistakes.

In conclusion, any translator should focus on the reader mindset and know well how he will understand and translate the blog from his perspective to reach his acceptance.

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